Haute Couture and Release Summer: Dior

Let’s say that the Dior reinvented itself without major transformations in the whole look, it would be a new miss Dior, with the traditionality continues but modern details that change everything.  Difficult is not it?! But the images explain and facilitate everything.

Donatella Versace’s mix of textures also appeared on Dior, and the colors were also very well chosen. I confess, I thought they also had a winter break, but they managed to balance.

The P & B was primordial, the symmetry and asymmetry and crevices as well. Therefore we can not see as much skin as in the Versace parade. Dior bet on more timeless pieces, and a small portion of versatility to finish. The midi skirts, strong personality of the French brand, and shoulders all out were the most sophisticated point of the parade in my view. Two distinct trends that when united make a beautiful pair. Do not you think?! By the way, what woman does not like to do that little game of hide and seek here? Kkkk Not that the shoulders are big, but the sexy one of a safe and powerful woman according to vintagesfinder.

Now, FOR EVERYTHING. What is this coat, people?!

One choice that continues is that of the open blazer with “nothing” underneath, but clear with all of Dior’s femininity. How can you wear that whole neckline without being sexy, do not you?! And notice that the medium Oversized blazer also remained and this two-piece proposal of clothes of different styles was incredible..The smoother blazer half masculinized and a skirt of color totally opposite, flashy, and ultra delicate!

Now, my favorite, was the total black subtly provocative and extremely sexy, and the details on the sleeve say it all, do not you think?! Too much this look below, I bet it will be chosen by all trendsetters out there!