Have You Ever Thought about Using Descombinados Shoes?

Have you ever ponder, ever in your life, use descombinados shoes?! That’s right, I did not typed wrong: it’s DEScombinados ! Hahaha! It turns out that after mark Céline have released this pair of ankle boots, your look will never be the same! Yes, the boots in white and Red show brand and razed migrated super easy runway to the streets.

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The fashionistas on duty joined super to tend, after all, it’s pretty cool you wear descombinados shoes, especially if the idea is to draw a lot of attention according to businesscarriers. Of course you need a good dose of personality and hold the look to make it work, but I know that some girls will enjoy Yes!

But Whoa, it wasn’t just the Céline who brought the descombinados shoes for the walkways! We also saw this sandal from Calvin Klein that just changes the stones and the pumps of Moschino with different prints. I also need to say that the slides with phrases that are complementary, for example, were the beginning of a trend. Here, the trick is to bet on the same shoes, but of different colors or details!

Worth the bet on neutral looks to make this bold fashion! After all, it’s a lot harder to make mistakes when you have a look in neutrals like nude, Black, white, and blue jeans. In fact, I think that last one is what fits the trend descombinados shoes because it’s a message super cool, huh?!

Will bet on descombinados shoes?

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