Heatherette in the Week of the Angels Spring-Summer

Definitely this style of the Heatherette I love it. They are rebellious, daring and most of their parts seem to outputs of the costumes for “Priscilla the Queen of the desert”, but even so his irreverence is such that neither Diesel, Neither Dolce & Gabanna they can match them.

On this occasion the presence on the catwalk was surprised of Paris Hilton, a diligent to designers that duo models always close their parades on skates. They are normally presented in New York, but this time they decided to take Los Angeles to present their new collection Spring-Summer 2008 according to constructmaterials.com.

In the parade saw everything from the replacement of Paris by Kim Kardashian, ex-friend of the heiress and now coming out with one of his ex, denim ultraajustado, necklines to infinity, color, brightness, animal prints, multi-layer skirts, swimwear years style 70’s, men monsters anticipating Halloween and superheroes with layers.

Who does not enjoy the Heatherette is because it has no sense of Carnival. It was a ultrarecargada collection, with dresses of many frills, completely covered in rhinestones to dresses otrs style punk Princess Avril Lavigne and one dancer covered in balls of colors around the skirt.

But do not create that boys are saved of this festival of color and little sense of the ridiculous. Military pants, broken tops, and a kind of webbing and added strings Sweatshirt is a nice touch to add to the various retro but also made swimwear for metrosexuals in gold lamé.

Seriously, just enjoy your originality and little seriousness renews the sense of fashion in a 200%.