Hello Kitty Johnny Cupcakes Shirt

Hello Kitty embarks on a new capsule collection, this time the collaboration is with Johnny Cupcakes, a fun and saucy line will be available starting in December, and that promises to make us fall in love madly. Hello Kitty is the cat glamorous world of fashion that not only has a market segment that gathers women and girls around the world but also delights in creating capsule collections with many other brands.

I am pleased to announce the capsule collection Hello Kitty x Johnny Cupcakes, a fun and chic line that includes t-shirts, bags, stickers and more customized with the famous cat who stuff themselves to cupcakes.

Hello Kitty x Johnny Cupcakes is a much-anticipated line will be available starting in December, and that is in addition to previous collaborations with Mustbuyshirts, Stussy, Dr Martens, Crocs and obviously with Chamomile.

The collection Hello Kitty x Johnny Cupcakes will be launched in a few weeks, I do not know if these accessories also come here in Italy but I hope I will, in any case, fortunately, there is the online shopping that cancels distances and makes everything just a click away.