Hermes – Menswear Fashion Show – Fall / Winter 2009-2010

By offering a chic, simple and effective collection, Veronique Nichanian persists in its vision of man Hermes. True Parisian dandy whose cloakroom must combine timeless elegance and attention to detail, it scrolls with energy, confidence and determination …

Devoid of ostentatious signs, looks offered here are in perfect harmony with the desires of the moment, of minimalist dress code and discreet luxury defying time, the image of the true temple of excellence that is Hermès. Created for men in perpetual motion, advancing straight ahead, the lines are intended to clean and precise cuts, closer to the body.

Once is not custom, designer (recently promoted co-artistic director in charge of human Hermès collections) we offer a wardrobe altogether traditional, but with little details is revealed can not more contemporary. Invited to the parade, Jane Birkin – who loves to dress in the male – had to appreciate this sweater with a button located at the shoulders. For their part, the famous Hermes scarves are discreetly office of ties, while the interiors leather jackets are adorned with removable shearling.

The idea to remember? The Savage Mind. This evocative flower discretion and purity – as this collection – is worn over dark suits, for the romantic at heart.

The color side, sobriety is always appreciated. The black and inscribed primarily in the minimalist approach of Miss Nichanian and does no reference to the current economic climate. Khaki and anthracite gray seem too obvious, insofar as they are both timeless and they associate easily.

From time to time, more vivid colors make cameos, letting us glimpse a red jacket or a sweater in bright yellow shawl collar. But they have already proven themselves in women, we have no reason to doubt their fashion power. In adopting them, our winter looks accustomed to dark colors and do much more dynamic.

In the end, Veronique Nichanian offered a collection with its typical Parisian aesthetic. there we find a lot of basics, which will be our starting point for the development of other more removed looks …