Herve Leger by Max Azria New York Spring/Summer Fashion Week

Shift of Max Azria under the initials of Herve Leger, and here the aesthetic is very clear: sexy and heeled woman seeks to draw attention through the streets and festivals in Manhattan. The Leger ladies are modern Cleopatras wrapped in tight bands as dressed “second skin”, the key piece of the collection, garment fetish of the brand, the sexy Basic, this time coming in rather pale colours and acids, in gold, and creates optical effects and illusions from sets of figures and prints new.

As you know and I told you, Leger, of loving and French origin of the ancient Egypt, exploded this simple formula there by the 1980s in which the body look – with it was all the rage, and it seems impossible that two decades later, your recipe, follow be just as effective, desired and plagiarized.

And it is that it is a true gold mine, you don’t have to break your head too according to PAYHELPCENTER.

And is not that you want to subtract merits the mentor or the disciple, quite contrary, is quite an achievement to create different looks with so little margin for manoeuvre; a same garment gives of itself to fill media collection and not let down, basically because the audience present there as well as the potential customer, know to what cling.

They conform to the consequences, you know what they see and what they can buy, and it seems that the lack of variety is no problem; because even though insist some copy the pattern, in the end, that the cat takes the water is a Leger, in this case, Azria, able to create the Arabian versions; asymmetric, strapless, two-tone or dégrade; a dress that already form part of the story and seems to never tired.

Although we have not only seen bands of silk on the new yorkean catwalk, they have alternated stripes,

y geometric patterns.

And swimwear, many swimsuits that seems to have tried to conceal a lack of creativity covert subtly. Because one thing is that all turns surroundings to a key piece and another that more than half of collection is formed by swimwear, very great they are and as much as also are made based on bands. We are not on the catwalk of fashion Canaria or it’s a resort line.

But, well, I do not think that none of those present disagreed; evening dresses, are scarce, but comply with the basic rules, they are sexy and glamorous and Yes, include bands, straps as a or as a purely decorative element (second dress seems to be a lot that will take Gisele at the gala of the Metropolitan of the past may and which signed Versace), at the end, and after all, that is the secret of the success of this mythical firm fall into oblivion and recently resurrected.