History of Ankle Chains

Myth? Fantasy? or even simple vanity, that’s what we will try to find out.

The string of ankle in silver, gold or fancy, the foot fetish romantic and romance of great aesthetic value, is a very important aspect in the clothing of women in Indian culture, up to represent an essential aspectre presentation of the entire body of the woman in the life of every day and, with great meaning spiritual and of course social.

The old paintings as well as literature and poems then abundantly evoke man worshiping the contact of the foot of his mistress. Women brought a lot of attention and provided important care at their feet, at least as much as in their face.

The foot offered, delicate and well groomed symbolized to him only the affection, sensual desire and subtle caresses of a love-game, whose passionate lovers couldn’t get enough never.
For Indian poets of that time, the movements of small bells adorning anklets suggested the seduction and sensual movements from the dance, first contact before a more erotic relationship.
The idea was that the woman who was was so ready for the seduction done so consciously, anticipating an amorous encounter with a secret lover.

Any classical Indian dance is based on the rhythmic movement of the feet of the dancers, and in particular the extraordinarily elaborate position of the feet, in reference to the Earth.

Lthe overall impression that emerges is always subtle, sensual and so erotic. A silver ankle chain has great significance in India.

On a more prosaic note, found also in these ancient texts a ‘utility’ to channels of dowels fitted with these small bells.
One of them was that husbands gave their wives these anklets with bells to keep away snakes by their discrete and unusual music.

Later, in the 16th century, you can read here and there that loving husbands, provided their wife to channels of dowels with bells so to say keep a discreet ear on their wife’s lascivious movements, allowing them to be at their look, evoking the imminence of intimate moments and always with complicity in love of it.
The string of ankle today, for the modern, sexy woman

In our time, the string of ankle seems to have preserved all these sensual aspects and is even more directly sexual nature.

Sensual movement of the string of ankle during the dance at the movements of two lasciviously entwined bodies during sex, there is only one step which modern man crosses blithely in his imaginary love.

What more beautiful symbol of love than the tinkle of a string of ankle during sex, and when this ankle chain rings with its small bells as close to the ears of her lover, the woman can measure directly the effect it has on him.

And beyond the symbol, the ankle jewelry represents today probably the most sexual jewellery that is drawing attention to a part of the female body that many lovers love.
In “footjob” practices, the sight of little feet treated combined with discrete music caused by the movements of the string of ankle, fitted with bells or not and indicates the know-how and the passion of lovers engaging in such practices.

The significance of the string of ankle today?

It’s seduction discreet for those who choose channels ankle classic models –they will take care to coordinate with the earrings, a bracelet or a necklace in the report–and the passion of the wild for those who prefer models of chains of ankle more defiant, with their bells that tinteront and will resonate for always in the head of their lovers.

The string of ankle focus today to her only passion of modern love.

You can be sure that a man who offers an ankle chain is keen to you.

And you, gentlemen, well be sure that a woman who takes care of this part of his body will seduce you, and if in addition it carries a wonderful anklet at his feet, unforgettable games you will have soon.

Feel-more! The string of ankle is becoming the basic jewel by excellence, to wear on the beach, at a party, at a meeting, or simply to feel her femininity to the end of the nail.
Ankle chain? One of the current must…

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