How is It Makeup and Comb Gigi Hadid?

She is one of the most popular models, we see it on the most important runways, in the best fashion at Coachella campaigns and also was chosen the year’s model; We are talking about Gigi Hadid, who, with only 20 years old, has conquered the whole world.

There is no doubt that Gigi is a natural beauty that shines as if alone without having to wear much makeup or become extravagant hairstyles, in fact, loves the natural looks. For that reason, we have decided to share with you some key makeup so that you look beautiful and sexy as her.

Makeup Nude

Gigi Hadid knows that paint too much makes you see larger, therefore prefer a makeup very easy and natural to you to emphasize your best features.

To achieve this, bet on lipsticks in natural tones, a bit of blush on the cheekbones, shadows for eyes brown and mascara. That Yes, focuses on bringing the well groomed eyebrows.

Makeup For The Party

Although they almost always make up naturally, how good model knows that sometimes it is important to get a little color. Why does not hesitate using shadows terracotta to illuminate your eyes, black eyeliner and a mask for eyelashes thicker to give intensity to your look.

In addition, illuminates his face with blush peach and to counteract, prefer a natural or Pearly lipstick illuminating at the same time with a little shine.

Smooth Hair

One of the attractions of Hadid is her golden mane, which carries almost always loose.Sometimes, has preferred a style of very simple hairstyle and bet by smooth hair with stripe in the middle or to one side, giving it a very discreet and feminine look.

Wild Hair

Gigi loves the naturalness of your hair (large curls and bulky). For more formal, such as red carpets and presentation events, the always see it with loose hair, rampart and busy.

Collected Hair

Gigi knows that it is important to change a little bit of a look, why choose to carry the collected hair, that Yes, nothing structured hairstyles. We have seen it with the Classic smooth queuewhich frees your face or collected “with” very simple and easy to do.