How Many Types of Jeans are There

Have you ever wondered how many models of jeans are in circulation? Many, many and get lost in the chaos of the models is easy. Just as it is easy to choose the wrong jeans that does not exalt our physical, perhaps driven by the fashion of the time it would take all the same. Today we want to challenge you to figure out how many and which models denim trousers know. But not only do you know which model to choose for each type of female body? I will reveal us!

1. Straight Jeans

They are the classic straight leg jeans with straight cut, no elastic, non-adherent. Ideal for those who are short and thin, but also for those who are not a top and has some Extra Pounds. They are the ones who, in fact, adapt to most body types, especially if you have very thin legs.

2. Skinny Jeans

Are tight jeans, tight, tight and stretchy. I have a second skin. Perfect for those who are tall and thin, but also for those who are low and lean.

3. Slim Jeans

Are tight jeans, but not as skinny and follow a straight and sleek on our legs. Perfect for those who are tall and thin, but also for those who are low and lean. They are ideal for those with wide hips and narrow.

4. Jeans flared

Directly from the seventies, that’s tight jeans knee-opening becoming huge in the end. Avoid them if you are tall and a bit ‘in the flesh, as well as if you’re low, it shortens the figure.

5. Jeans Boot Cut

Jeans are slightly wider below, that allow us to cover them wear boots and ankle boots with the pants. They have no particular contraindications, because it is a very simple model.

6. Jeans Bell Bottom

Flared jeans are exaggerated! Perfect for those who are tall and thin, definitely not for those who are low or is robust.

7. Mom Jeans

Are the fashion jeans today, the large ones that we used in the nineties to speak. A very trendy mat! That’s who can wear them .

8. Capri Jeans

Are those jeans that leave discovery the ankle and follow the silhouette of the body. Perfect for anyone who is short and thin, maybe with heels to slim the figure.

9. Jeans a pinocchietto

In the nineties we called them with seafood: are those that reach below the knee. Perfect for those who are tall and thin, perhaps to avoid if you’re too low.

10. Jeans Low Waisted

They are the low-rise jeans, sometimes even too low! To use if you are young, very young, otherwise, we raise a little ‘life, please! Read more details about jeans on