How to Avoid the Pitfalls of the Winter Sales

To think long-term with the construction of their wardrobe does not necessarily mean that you should stay away from reaköp. To buy the same number of pieces of the same quality but at a reduced price, it is probably few who can question. The key to grab a bargain in the sale is still only buy what you really want and to look for things that will be useful in several seasons to come.

My own thinking when it comes to reaköp are:

During the past year I have reflected on the garment that I really wanted and about which version. It can be something as general as a dark blue suit to a specific handkerchief.

The garment for a long time continued to feel interesting is I then look out for the sale. However, remember to be critical. Is not that what you really want, it’s quite a big chance that the garment is likely to be hanging in the closet, whether it was the 30s. 50-, or 70% sale.

What types of garments is best bargains on sale? 

The emphasis is on the basics without clear or extreme design element is a greater chance that they will use. While these garments unfortunately often either run out or not included in the sale. Garments baskostymer in gray or blue and not least tuxedo can be a great reafynd if they are the correct version.

With that said, the man obviously assumed itself. If you are a person who likes the more extravagant colors and patterns, and such a garment can thus serve as a base in this person’s wardrobe is nothing that says you should not hesitate.

Regarding the season, there is also a point of having a long-term mindset. If you are not looking to hit right on specific trends but knows his own style well, there are good chances to make really good bargains on the example winter coats now on sale. We can probably all agree that it seems to be cold for a while in our country, and otherwise it is just hanging in the garment and produce it in November next year.

Some pitfalls you should try to avoid the area:

– Size Never compromise!

To choose between 48 or 50 is a thing where sometimes both garments is good but with a little different silhouette. What I’m talking about is buying a 52 if the husband is 48 and get the idea that a change tailors will get a perfect fit. This is rarely the case and there would be the risk that the cost has gone up to the garment’s regular price anyway. Skräddarändringar is nothing wrong, but the less that needs to be done (especially around the shoulders and chest) are usually the better the end result will be.

– Not to just look at the brands.

Sure, it may sound exciting to buy luxury brands at half the price or even for more but in the end usually garment’s label to be insignificant for wearing if you are not completely satisfied with the garment.

– Focus on quality rather than percent.

There is a known quote from Aldo Gucci, which reads: “The Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”

This means that although it was 70-80%, then a garment of poor quality probably will not be a cherished part of your wardrobe for long. Focus on the manufacturer who is known to be specialists in the field or company you know the use of very skilled subcontractors. Unlike the preceding point, quality is not just about the brand and the I count everything from the design and fabric to shape that it is not enough that it is 70% on a Attolini Suit if it is two sizes too large or in the wrong color.

We’ve selected some tips from winter sale that we think could be excellent reafynd. Do keep in mind that they risk running out quickly so we can not guarantee that they remain in the correct size.