How to Be Hipster? The 15 Hipster Style Keys

Hipster Style

If you live in a big city, you will have witnessed the transformation of some degraded neighborhood into a completely cool one. 

A change that has come to be called gentrification and is produced by the arrival of young urbanites looking for vintage items, bio foods and any experience that has a bit of authenticity in front of mass proposals. This explains the boom of the Dalston district of London, Kreuzberg in Berlin or Malasaña in Madrid according to BITTRANSLATORS.

Hipster Fashion

The fashion hipster changes the fashionable axes of the cities, decongesting the historical zones.But as their favorite spaces become popular, they move back to others. The positive effect is that neighborhoods away from the center come alive and are filled with innovative businesses.

How To Be Hipster?15 Basic Steps

1. Your Friends Also Have To Wear The Hipster Style

To be able to know  how to be hipster, the first thing to do is to get all your friends to be, or to look for ones that are. Why? Because if they are not, you will seem like a  freak, so do not try to be the weirdo of your  group of friends. The hipster fashion is to go to all the places  herd so it is  important  you hanging around with friends of  hipster style  and so go  perfect.

2. Live In A Chic And Bohemian Hipster Style Neighborhood

A residential neighborhood just outside a big city is not  hip hipster. Living in the center of the city in old buildings and slightly modernized, is what commands in the  hipster style. So you’re already renting your house downtown.

3. Look Hipster:The Beard

In the  hipster style, the beard is not something that carries with exclusiveness Santa Claus, but it is a must to  be hipster. The populated beard, shipwrecked style, is the key complement of  the hipster style. How to wear a  beard? Perferably it has to be worn long and careless.

4. The Glasses, The New Hipster Fashion

To be a good hipster, you should always wear glasses with the pasta frame. For example Wayfarers of all the life (of sun or graduates) or the ones of the type pear like those of Terry Richardson.

5. Brand Hipster Style With Tattoos

If you want to wear a   total hispter style, you can not miss wearing at least one visible tattoo. Preferably it should have retro and ironic motifs.As for the  piercings, and the  dilations in the lobes are also perfect for wearing a perfecthipster style.

6. The Hipster Fashion Is In The Vintage

You will be a great user of thrift stores and markets and of all clothes that have a worn or worn touch. Your grandparents’ closet can be a great source of inspiration.

7. Learn To Pose In A Hipster Style

A whole  hipster  loves the photos and loves sharing them on  social networks, but not in any way. To be a good  hipster you must learn to pose in your  selfies with a predeterminedhipster style. Remember that the  most requested hipster poses are selfies, super naturalness, the only planes of the feet, or making the sign of victory.

8. Hipster Plans

Especially in your free time, you must be an authentic hipster and for this you must love the  old bars with an infamous light and a bar a little dirty where they serve bottles with a lid of stale potatoes. You should also like it from now on, going to the countryside to walk in the woods, barbecues. This is part of this authenticity of  the hipster style.

9. Every Hipster Has A Dog.

But not any type of dog, not a chiguagua or a poodle but a good dog of big size labrador type.You can always go with him to take those walks in the countryside like a real hipster.

10. Move By Bike Or Longboard

The bike is healthy, green and everything hipster should be done with one. There is no hipster neighborhood that does not have bikes.Yes, besides the classic bike, you dare to longboadr, ie a few centimeters longer the skateboard than normal, you marcarás the  style hipster’s cool in your neighborhood. Many of them think that making use of the subway or bus does not go with their lifestyle and opt for the bike or the  longboard.

11. Your Music Hipster: The Classics

David Bowie or My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Morrissey, etc. will be your favorites. Did you know that Madonna is very appreciated by the hipster?

12. Hipster-Style Movies

Hipsters often watch many independent, low-budget films. So if you really want to join thehipster fashion you should be the order of the day in this topic.

13. Hipster Technology: Apple

The technology of all hispter is Apple, from the feet to the head: you will have everything;MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV…

14. The Hipster Lifestyle: Instagram

The hipster love Instagram and thanks to this app you can use different filters to give style hispter the photos. Of course, there are certain basic photos that you must upload to Instagram to be a true hipster: food, feet or clouds. It is something that everyone does and it is already essential for your Instagram profile to have these photos to be a total hipster.

15. The Hipster Food: Cupcakes

As you now know, food photos are a must for any hipster. But do you know what the wholehipster’s food is? Cupcakes, yes, are those muffins with a layer of colorful fondant on top.You can not miss out on feeding a hipster, theyare an important part of your diet. We can say that the cupcakes are the dessert and official snack of the hipster style.