How To Choose A Backpack For Backpacking?

If you are traveling as a backpacker your backpack should be your great ally. Know the characteristics that must have according to your trip.

If this year you have decided on a low cost plan for your vacations, take a long trip or the Camino de Santiago , it is best to opt for carrying only the essentials on your back. This way we can tour the sites in a cheaper way. Since you will spend a lot of time with her, so that the backpack is not a heavier load than it already is, you have to choose one that suits our needs taking into account our travel. In this way we will choose the appropriate backpack size and weight, in addition to other features that we show below.

Traveling as a backpacker is the best option if you are going to cross a territory in different means of transport and walking.The backpack is a very important factor and also a headache if we do not know which to choose. Believe it or not, you can survive with fewer things than you can imagine. In fact, these things in total should weigh about 15 kilograms at most, a weight that can enter a backpack of 55 liters. And is that the carrying capacity of backpacks are measured in liters and the average capacity for a long trip round 45 to 60 liters.

When buying a backpack check the size. The belt should fit at the waist , neither loose nor too tight, and the shoulder pads can not surpass your back. This belt is the most important element of the backpack, since it is the one that supports the weight of the backpack, and not the shoulder pads, believe it or not, the weight of the backpack does not fall on the back, but on the waist and Legs

The backpack should carry a rigid internal aluminum structure so that the backpack fits perfectly to your body. It is best that you try it with weight.

Of course, keep in mind that the backpack has good finishes, especially at the seams and joints, and that the fabric is resistant, as it will often be mistreated in the aircraft holds or in the trunk of the bus. Choose a color that does not get very dirty or, at least, not noticed.

Another point to keep in mind are the straps of the backpack that help to compress it. Very useful for weight to go more focused because the content is together. It is also very useful if we want to put it in the cockpit of the plane.

Betting on a backpack is as breathable as possible on the back, since in hot climates the sweat will be very annoying. In case of going to a place where it is very likely to rain choose a backpack with waterproof poncho can save your things from moisture.

The side pockets of the backpack can be very useful for carrying the most necessary things. Although there are many who prefer to add to the team a small backpack of about 15-20 liters to carry in the most essential or take it on short excursions while the other stays in the accommodation.

One reason we may worry is the safety of our belongings. It is best to have a good padlock for zippers or, if you prefer, with a metal net that covers the suitcase and attaches it to a surface so that the moment you have to leave it somewhere is safe.

Source | Inter-World