How To Choose A Bra Size Nursing

Nursing bras provide a discreet and convenient way for breastfeeding mothers to breastfeed their babies by providing the support that their breasts require. Nursing bras come in various colors, with being the most common white, black, and nude. These bras can have different opening styles to give a mother quick access and one hand on the chest while she holds her baby. The difficulty comes from knowing how to choose a nursing bra size and style that is both efficient and easy for you to use.



Buy nursing bras at the end of your pregnancy or 1 to 2 weeks after the birth of your baby. The size of your breasts will vary greatly, as milk production adjusts to your baby’s demands, but they usually level in size for the second week.


Use a flexible tape measure to measure around your torso, just under the breasts and under the arms. This is the first number in a bra size and indicates the bandwidth. Add 3 inches (7.6 cm) to this measurement for the correct bandwidth for you.If the number is odd, choose the next highest number even.

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Use the tape measure to measure around your back and the maximum point on all your breasts. Keep the tape at the back, even with the tape at the front for accurate measurement.

  • The bra sizes are as follows: Cup A = 0 the difference of 1.5 inches, B (1.5 to 2.5), C (2.5 to 3.5), D (3.5 to 4, 5), E or DD (5-6), F or DDD (6-7), L (7-8), H (8-9), I (10), and J (10-11).
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Use a bra size calculator online to help determine the size of the nursing bra.

  • If you can, go to a mother shop to be and try on as many styles as possible before you make a purchase nursing bra online.
  • If you are shopping for nursing bras online, carefully follow the instructions for measuring the size of each manufacturer’s bra as they may be different from other stores.You want to get the best fit possible.

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Buy nursing bras with wide straps. The wide straps help distribute the weight of your breasts and provide more comfort.


Buy nursing bras made of breathable materials such as cotton or synthetics that allow maximum airflow. Non-breathable materials will hold moisture close to the chest and encourage bacterial growth and pain.

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Choose a nursing bra with flaps that open and close easily with one hand.

  • Avoid bras that expose the breast fully when opened, especially if you will need to feed the baby in public occasionally.These types of bras make it difficult to be discreet, although they can be used in particular without much difficulty.

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Buy at least 3 bras. Wait, however, until you find a style that is totally comfortable and convenient for you to wear.

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Buy nursing bras that provide support under the breast while the nursing flaps are open.

  • Avoid bras with lower wire unless you absolutely must have the extra support.Underwire bras can block the milk ducts in the breast, cause the milk ducts to become infected, and lead to mastitis.


  • Buy a prolongation of the bra to let out a band that has become too tight, but the cups of a bra still fit.
  • A good nursing bra fit covers the entire breast.
  • A nursing bra that does not fit properly will not be comfortable and can be indicated by pinching, pulling, assembling, or not providing enough support according to GLOBALSCIENCELLC.
  • Nursing bras that have no flaps and allow you to pull the tissue aside for nurse tend to be comfortable for sleeping.


  • Do not buy nursing bras with plastic linings.

Things You’ll Need

  • Flexible tape measure

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