How to Choose a Sports Bra

Running with your shoes, ski in jeans or do a yoga session with your best skirt suits would not come to the idea. Each sport requires for your comfort, your performance and to prevent the risk of injury adapted equipment.

Yet there are many sports to use their bras everyday to make their sports sessions even though almost 60% of women experience pain because of the movement of their breasts during exercise!

The chest is one of the most sensitive and delicate parts of the female body, here’s a guide to help you out choose your bra or sports bra.

I. Why wear a bra or sports bra?

Whatever the firmness of your breasts or the size of your hat, swinging the chest concerns all women. It is a natural movement which is accentuated depending on the intensity of the movements.

Unfortunately, the chest is not a muscle, any deformation is irreversible.

Indeed, the breast tissue are retained by fragile ligaments (Cooper’s ligaments) that stretch according to your movements. The repetition of movements gradually reduced the shape and firmness of your breasts.

During exercise, your chest moves vertically and horizontally. 90B for example, breasts weigh roughly 400g each, or when running they are almost 5 times heavier than normal. Because of this weight, your chest balance of approximately 9 cm each stride!

We leave you with the bill would do about 1km? All breasts are concerned, however, the more it is generous, more movement is amplified.

Therefore, it is essential to protect the ligaments that make up your chest to preserve its shape and firmness.

Demonstrated on JaneSportsBras, using a sports bra allows the shape of your chest and mold to limit the vertical and horizontal movements .The shape and the employees technical textiles significantly reduce shock absorbing. Up to 78% for example with the bra Momentum of Anita renowned for the high quality of its products.

In addition, by supporting your breasts from below your everyday bra can lead to severe back pain and tension in the cervical and neck. The sports bra provides superior comfort by eliminating friction with models without sewing or with external seams. Made in technical and breathable materials, it regulates your perspiration and evacuated very quickly.

By abandoning your inappropriate and ill-fitting bra, you ensure better maintenance but also a much better comfort.

The pleasure is finally there!

II. How to choose its size sports bra?

Finding the right fit is absolutely necessary and waist underwear daily is not necessarily the same as that which is suitable for sports activities. We recommend you always use the guides to mark the sizes chosen not to deceive you and do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification.

To choose the sports bra size , so it is important to properly measure your bust , your turn back and the size of your cup.

First, grab a tape measure in centimeters. You should not over tighten when you measure and breathe normally.

  • First steps: measure your bust

To measure your bust, you must place the tape measure around your chest at the nipple.
The measurement obtained will be used to calculate your cup size.

  • Second step: measure your back round

To measure your back round (or sub-chest) , you must place the tape measure horizontally just
below your breasts. The measurement obtained in centimeters determines the size of your bra depending on the brand.

  • Step Three: calculate your cup size

Your cup size is determined by the difference between your chest and your back round (sub-chest). Once you have calculated the difference in centimeters, see this measure in the table of the brand to determine what you should cap.

Some examples of guides bras sizes : Anita , X-Bionic , Lolë .

It is important when you put on your bra or sports bra that the textile band below the chest does not tighten too much, then creating an uncomfortable feeling and the caps will not crush you breasts.

Maintain does not mean choking and finally, that the joint caps is well glued to your skin.

III. Bra or sports bra?

-The specifics of the sports bra

The structure of the bra is best suited to small and medium breasts (cups A, B or C) or sports activities with little impact as yoga.

Practical and lightweight , it quickly slipped through the head. Moreover, its size often correspond to those of apparel (XS, S, M, L, XL, …).

The bra is also cheaper because it is more than morphology. Its lifetime in regular use is about 6 months, its elastic fibers are more fragile, it is important to change regularly to offer permanently to your chest the support and comfort it deserves.