How to Choose Boots for Snowboarding

Lifestyle soft boots for snowboarding

Snowboard Boots are an important element of your snowboard setups. Does the shoe, you’ll have fun on the mountain. For this reason it is important to find the perfect model. The offer is huge and for each foot offers the right boat. Whether wider or narrower Herrenfuß, woman’s foot – Blue Tomato has prepared the ultimate snowboard boot for every snowboarder. The boots are divided between soft boots and hard boots. The difference lies in the area of application, the material in the locking system and in the snowboard binding.



Let’s start again with the “soft” facts: The soft boot consists of two parts: the outer material and the inner shoe. Depending on the model it is removable or fixed to the outer shoe. Most can the liner Extra lace, which ensures optimum adaptation to your foot.

How to Choose Boots for Snowboarding

Soft boots have a thick, flexible soles and a stiff outer material. Compared to hard boot it is more comfortable to wear and is perfect for freeride and freestyle. Park, Piste or powder – soft boots feel equally as comfortable. Depending on the degree of hardness (Flex) of the boat is also the field of application changes (see table).

Table snowboard boots terrain and Flex

You live for the Freestyle and can’t imagine without you park for your winter holiday? In this case, a soft boot is perfect. This snowboard boots you provide stability to rock the kickers. At the same time, they are flexible enough to miss your tricks an extra dose of style.


Rails are your second home? A super flexible Jib Boot gives you the necessary freedom of movement to fling yourself in the park. Look at you best for a boat made by Burton or Deeluxe to – with a flex between two and five are perfect for you.


Freeride boots have a higher degree of hardness, enough stability and edge grip to provide you with icy, steep slopes in open terrain. The higher the hardness, the more a more direct response you get. From the Powder and put fresh Lines in open bowls.

How to Choose Boots for Snowboarding

You use the entire range of the mountain? You feel on the slopes, in the park and in powder well? Grab All-Mountain boat and enjoy the many facets of snowboarding.



Have its roots in the BOA lacing system in wakeboarding? By turning of the shutter button allows your boat using closed and open by steel cables. So sitting your feet incredibly firm and safe in the boat and still get the comfort he needs.


The Focus BOA lacing system allows you to put together individually the boat in the upper and lower regions. Perfect adaptation.


When you get the Hybrid Lacing System BOA in combination with a conventional lacing system, this has the consequence that a more precise fit is brought about.


The Speed Zone Lacing System, often referred to as Fast-Lacing is, as the name suggests, unbeatably fast. You draw simple left and right on the strings of your boot and away you go. This system is the ultimate in terms maintenance and easy handling.


The traditional lacing system gives you first-class sneakers feeling on the mountain. You can determine which zone should your boat sitting fixed and where you like more freedom of movement would like to have so closely.



You love high speeds and use the full runway width to your carving turns to cast into the hillside? Then a HardBoot’s is your real companion. These boots offer you absolute stability and a perfect power transmission for fast turns. They are only compatible with alpine bindings, which are available as step-in or with the buckle mechanism.


The outer boot can be closed almost continuously with buckles and offers you absolute stability. At the back of this boat you find a template mechanism to adjust the shoe to your needs. Often you can specially sealed and tune the fit perfectly on you the liner.


As you buy that your wish-boat is also compatible with your binding system.

Pressure points are water under the bridge even with hard boots. With special gel pads you can protect highly exposed areas such as the shin. For the ultimate in comfort, it is advisable to use a premium liner. This thermoformable allrounder fit to your feet perfectly.