How To Choose His Swimsuit Was 2012 Based On Her Figure?

How to choose hisswimsuit was 2012 ?That is a question that burned lips many women at the approach of spring.Let it be said, according to your forms, you can not wear any type of model. Familiar silhouette is therefore essential to find the swimsuit that will make you the most beautiful beach. Silhouette twig, triangle or even generous, check out our tips to offer you the shirt that will get you the most in value. You will find the cutest on Etam ( ).

We know Etam ( for its lines of lingerie but the brand also offers a complete ready-to-wear collection with several lines of pants, tops, dresses… The brand also offers a collection of swimwear for women with more than 340 models available on his site.
What swimsuit summer 2012 for a twig silhouette?
You are rather thin, you have little breast and a nice size? You fit the silhouette twig.Good point for you: you have absolutely nothing to hide. Thus, all the trends of the season will suit you perfectly : liberty print to the froufrou, through the swimsuit one-piece slightly destructured. Those who do not have cold eyes can even adopt the trikini. Do not hesitate to opt for a push-up Bra in order to bring a bit of curve to your chest.
However, forget the black total look that does not value your silhouette. For those who are really reluctant to wear the color mix black with a touch of white with print for example.
Our selection:
Jersey No. 1: model Navy
To be stack in the retro trend of summer, nothing better than choosing a model with a pants size high. Sailor print comes back to the taste of the day this model that is focused primarily in the 1960s. The BRA to shells will highlight your cleavage. Price: €28,90, €19.90 down.
Jersey No. 2: model collection
This trikini is the collection of swimsuits designed by the top Russian Natalia Vodianova, face of the brand. Choose this model for its bold floral prints of summer cut. Its hulls foam to give a nice shape to your chest.
Jersey No. 3: model Glam
For tireless black lovers choose to mix it with white as on this model. You can wear the headband with or without straps. His cross-shape is ideal to minimize traces of tanning. Price: €24,90, €16,90 downwards.
What swimsuit summer 2012 for a silhouette shaped PEAR?
You have narrow shoulders, a small chest and the hip wide? You fit the silhouette pear shaped. To get you the best advantage, attract the look on the upper part of your body. For this we put on a swimsuit 2 pieces that balances your figure. So opt for a push-up Bra that will highlight your cleavage.
Bottom, side bet for an odd panties. If you have chosen a printed top, prefer a more United down to the vitamin colors. Little tip: a notched panties lengthen your legs naturally. If you persist in wanting to hide your flaws, you can play with accessories: sarong to tie on the hips or sexy dress, skirt, hat…
However, avoid the high waist pants that emphasize the hips. Also, forget the one piece that will add to your silhouette.
Our selection:
Jersey No. 1: model cherry
Choose red for do not go unnoticed on the beach. Removable bra straps allow you to Tan avoiding unsightly traces. Price: €24,90 the top and €14.90 down.
Jersey No. 2: model Dakar
This summer, it’s impossible to miss the tribal print. The triangle is composed of shell foam to put your chest out. If you don’t like too much the acidulated colors, the black and the Brown of this model will be perfect for you. Price: €24,90 the top and €14.90 down.
n ° 3 sarong: model California
To hide your flaws always take a sarong with you. You can also wear on the matching Jersey or a United Jersey. Price: €22.90.
What swimsuit summer 2012 for a generous silhouette?
You are round, you have a chest and shapely hips? You fit the generous silhouette.Feel free to highlight your female ultra assets. Play with your curves by sometimes putting forward your chest or hips.
So choose a swimsuit one-piece shaping. To highlight your chest choose a model to the plunging neckline. For those who take their curves you can try 2 parts basket bra. Choose solid colors and discreet print. Needless to remind you the slimming power of black color.
However, avoid big prints that increase the silhouette. Forget the trikinis which mark forms.
Our selection:
Jersey No. 1: model jewel
Material shaping galbera your silhouette. His black belt mark the size to highlight your chest. We love by above all maxi gold plate which brings the bling-bling thing.Price: €38.
Jersey No. 2: model Jungle
This summer, the Savannah trend is in the spotlight. Choose so this 1 piece Green Khaki decorated with a hammered metal plate that will draw the eye to your cleavage. Price: €38.
Jersey No. 3: model Soho
The high basket for D and E of this two-piece cups draw perfectly your chest with its reinforcements. The draped ring brings a touch of glamour that are readily adopted.Price: €24,90 the top and €16.90 down.
Attention to Etam, it is difficult to find larger sizes. Indeed, side panties, the larger sizes will stop at the 46. Bras the bigwigs are the D and E
What swimsuit summer 2012 for a silhouette in the shape of H?
You have the shoulders as wide as your hips? You fit the silhouette in the shape of H.You must choose a swimsuit that any your silhouette by marking your size. For this, choose a 2 triangle pieces. However, if you really want to wear a bathing suit, one piece, choose a model very cut with a plunging neckline and bust.
If you want to emphasize your waist, belted pants will be the perfect model. To feminize still more your silhouette go for girly like pink, red or orange colors. You can also play with little glamorous details like the nodes or the frilly.
On the other hand, avoid scratched prints that will mark even more your bust and shoulders. Also, forget the Sports Bras (we want a female model told!)
Our selection:
Jersey No. 1: model Joya
We love to duck this Jersey and its alluring frilly blue. The triangle-shaped top is decorated with a blue border more dark for a feminine look. Price: €19,90 for the top and €14,90 to the bottom.
Jersey No. 2: model yacht
For a chic look you go for this underlined red set with a white border. The triangle bra is very subtle with his two strips which intersect to highlight the chest. Price: €24,90 the top and €16.90 down.
Jersey No. 3: model tart
You are not unaware that the pastel colors are part of the summer trends. She will follow you even at the beach with this powder yellow Jersey. We like the nodes in the chest and the hips that make this model really feminine. Price: €24,90 for the top and €14,90 to the bottom.
What swimsuit summer 2012 for a silhouette in the shape of inverted triangle?
You have marked shoulders and narrow hips? You fit the silhouette in the shape of inverted triangle, also known as v You must have a swimsuit that will highlight your chest. Choose a bra padded that attaches in the shot. For the bottom we dare the mini panties that will put your ass in the value. Printed colors, frilly… you can afford all the unique features.
On the other hand, forget the swimsuit one-piece. We know that the model is very trendy this summer but it flatten your chest and it is quite the opposite of the effect you want to give. Also run the shorty that crush the buttocks.
Our selection:
Jersey No. 1: model Ofreesia
Go crazy with multicolored stripes green, yellow, pink or red. The shells of this banner will draw you a nice chest. The straps are removable to allow you a perfect tan. Price: €24,90 the top and €14.90 down.
Jersey No. 2: model Island
Opt for the orange that will put your skin Tan in value. The push-up Bra galbera your chest. We love the frilly smokes that follow the edge of the neckline for a feminine touch. Price: €24,90 the top and €14.90 down.
Jersey No. 3: model La Mola
Through the website of Etam you have access to the collection of swimsuits exclusively intended for the Spain. This model highlights the maximum print flower, very trend this summer. Shells foam of the BRA will give just the curve to your chest.Price: 24, €90 the top and €14.90 down.
Did you spot the swimsuit summer 2012 need you? Go for it and order it on Etam.Feel free to look at other models, you will find can be one that you enjoy it even more