How to Choose Maternity Pants

This is not because you are pregnant your style will be revolutionized. You had dress sense before becoming pregnant and many do not change!

Check your wardrobe and your shopping list of pregnancy pants will quickly be made:

You work and you usually wear a  dark color pants or black straight cut , buy the version pregnancy.

You adore you slip into your jeans when the opportunity presents itself, and many opt for essential jean pregnancy.

You want a look that combines relaxation and elegance, the  pants color canvas  will be the answer.

How to Choose Maternity Pants

If you are used and want to wear skinny jeans, or wear skinny pants for pregnancy. There are many models today in pregnancy mode and remains fashion forward!

The  maternity overalls, which some consider old fashioned, may also be an excellent answer, especially if you are wearing a sexy way with a slightly transparent shirt underneath or with a marcel. It is also the guarantee of a comfortable and original look.

The  overalls of pregnancy  can also allow you to be very comfortable and view an original look pregnant!

Which material?

Before anything else, remember that one of your selection criteria is and should be comfort.

Also, you will find that many maternity pants that are offered you have a touch of stretch / spandex, which is fine.

The material will then depend on the season: in winter, opt for denim fabrics slightly thicker or pants with wool button. In summer, you enjoy it more lightweight fabrics in cotton, linen or jersey.

high or low waist size? The eternal question

Whether high waist with a wide jersey headband covering the belly or are very down to size elastic, you now choose from many options to choose your pregnancy pants.

Here are the major categories of trousers which are perfectly suited to accompany you through your pregnancy and after.

Low waist pants with a jersey headband  : Low semi-waist pants. The elastic band about 10cm comes under the navel and holds well in small of the back. Over the months pass by, it supports the lower abdomen. Very discreet, this type of adjustment enables wear more sweaters tight without feeling to have “bumps” on the size. CANDI

High waist pants with adjustment at the rear: the front, the pants have a steady pace, but the adjustment is in the back with elastic for the extension of the garment until the end of pregnancy .

Classic pregnancy trousers with a sign on the front : it has the advantage of adapting to the evolution of belly swells and grows. The extensible front panel covers the belly, even above the navel. DINA

Pants drawstring  : at first, the pants seem immensely large, but is adjusted with the cord that tied to size. For a sportier look, because we can see the wrinkles caused by this type of adjustment.

The key points to remember:

  1. The pants pregnancy is an essential part of your pregnancy wardrobe because it is designed to perfectly fit your pregnant morphology.positives, current models can be worn during but also after pregnancy
  2. An incredible diversity in the market allowing you to find answer to your need while maintaining your usual style
  3. Opt for soft and comfortable materials, stretch / elastane guarantees this comfort
  4. Bannisez pants is not pregnant and that we will choose one or two sizes above your waist, you are pregnant but do not have to adopt the bag look potato!

How pregnancy clothes shop go to Lyon?

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