How to Choose Swimwear According to Your Body Shape

Now subtract less for hot days, and is good to start thinking about the next swimsuit, to enjoy the beach and the sea without problems. The choice of swimwear can be occasionally difficult, since not all have the body that we really want. The key is in the acceptance of yourself and look for something enabling us, hiding our imbalances and highlighting the successes. Here are some tips.

The two classics that are reinvented

Basically, there are always two options to choose swimwear: or one-piece bikini, the latest being the most effective. Some brands will allow you to choose separate the top and bottom, combining them in different ways. The tail-less is a choice for each one, but lately is not chosen and seen, and perhaps over seeks to the suggestion that the full display.

Figure type triangle

It would be the body which has hips visibly larger than the shoulders, in which case there will be to try to balance both sides, and which eyes go to the torso. In this case, the use of the bandeaux – tops without straps – that will give the feeling of making wider upper torso is recommended.

As models, better with prints, flown, embroidered or with some detail at bodice. For the Bishop, the best will be to pass unnoticed as possible, without frills or showy colors.

Inverted triangle silhouette

Unlike the previous one, this type of body is large and wide at the top than at the bottom. Here will have to put the attention on the hips. The type triangle bras or Underwire will be best, and where possible with braces rather wide, otherwise, it will be emphasizing the line of the shoulders.

The lower part is which must then win prominence: case of a bikini or trikini, that is rather of prints or colors that attract attention. May add it ruffles or ornamentation. Likewise, one of the partners of this body type is the bib, which will still be present.

Hourglass silhouette

Usually curvilinear body but harmonious. If you want to wear a bikini, and have normal to large bust, then opt for a Bustier type triangle or which are tied behind the neck. If you have very large breasts, avoid very bright colors or use of flywheels in this area.

For the part below, you can choose a color that match the above, or a pattern that is neither overly conspicuous. Bib type is the most recommended.

Figure rectangle type

In this case, the line of the shoulders and hips are at a same height, but there is no much waist, being a body rather straight. When choosing a swimsuit a trikini can favor you, since it will give a feeling of more waist.

We recommend also a one-piece trim horizontal, flown or a cut in the bust area. If your body is more rounded, a one-piece a sober tone will then be what more favors you. If you already prefer the bikinis, then avoid the very small, ruffles and 3D applications such as flowers on the bodice.