How to Choose Swimwear For Your Body Type

All the secrets you must know to acquire one highlighting what you most like you.

Se close the most dreaded time of the year: choose a swimsuit that makes you see cute and sexy, no matter what the shape of your body.

Real women are very different from the models parading on the catwalk for Victoria’s Secret (a great novelty). Therefore in FTV we tell you secrets so that highlights the best of your body, disregard what you like least and enjoy your holiday as you merecés.

I found out what type of body you have and what swimsuit you combiene buy!

#1. CURVY. Your body is like a race track: curves everywhere. You have lolas, defined waist and hips that are important.

BIKINI: you want to play it for those with a bodice that hold you well the lolas and put them in place so enjoy quiet and not be arranging you it all the time. If you have rods or attaches to the neck, much better.

One piece: any court is going to look good because it will highlight your natural curves according to Itypejob. I chose those whose party above has heart-shaped so that your cleavage is observed most of the beach.

#2. PEAR. Iggy Azalea body is the perfect example: shoulders and small bust and prominent hips.

BIKINI: we recommend a pump that is super trendy: the high-waisted panties. They have a wave pin-up cancherisima: you can choose it in dark colors and put all color in the BRA, so attention will be there and your big tail conceals.

JUMPSUIT: try having halter neck so he diverted the attention of your hips and the illusion of more volume in the chest.

#3. Apple. The most voluminous part of your body is in the Center, you have little waist and abdomen much.

BIKINI: Ideally, bets for a tankini. You will feel very comfortable, cool and safe!

One piece: that search that will make your legs will look and have any reductive integrated Strip.

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#4. ATHLETIC. Typical swimmers body: broad back and small hips.

BIKINI: the idea is to add femininity to your body. For this reason, I added volume to the bottom playing with textures and flown. And at the top, a triangle top.

One piece: the trickinis and swimsuits that are attached to the neck will be your favorite.

#5. SQUARE. Your hips and shoulders are aligned and you have no waist.

BIKINI: to generate an optical effect that desestructure your body, chose models triangular and very feminine. Which better will you sit are binding on all sides.

One piece: looking for irregular models that create the illusion of curves with contrasting colours and cut to the waist.

Now yes, corré to shopping to choose yours!


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