How to Choose the Perfect Swimwear For This Summer

It is essential to take into account characteristics to be able to opt for the more Center model.

Let’s not forget that accessories that you choose must accompany the aesthetics of swimsuit and complement it.

As every year, start heat and there are many trends in bathing suits. This season we see tones of shrill, as well as variants apasteladas and the black and white combination, so all can make choices based on our personal style. Without a doubt, striking women opt to designs that will enable it to stand out, including details and vivid hues, while the romantic women feel comfortable with pastel tones and classic with quality proposals that are not subject to fads. The prints also say present, mostly straight lines, geometric patterns and flowers. For those that prefer to avoid the prints but don’t want to a monotonous or dull appearance, ruffles and drapes are excellent options. Now, beyond choose according to our style, is indispensable to take into account features own, as our body type and our proportions, to opt for the more Center model and see us beautiful under the Sun.

But what are the aspects to consider:

-Top: For the small bust, ideally women are the bandeaux and Underwire Bras that will generate a feeling of more volume in the area. For the case of quite bust, recommended the bodices in a triangle (unfilled) giving greater containment. However, we must be careful with the triangular bodice with Ruffles, details or wall, that increase visualmnte the size of the bust.

-Straps: If your shoulders are wide, the very finite straps will enhance and enlarge the area of the shoulder, so it is suggested to avoid them. If the shoulders are quite narrow, it is recommended to use thin straps and not too wide that will make shoulders look even smaller.

-Smooth or stamped: in general, is considered that a smooth swimsuit will make figure appear more slender with respect to each print but it is not always true since it largely depends on the color of the garment. For example, a white bathing suit not going to stylize the figure both as a printed swimsuit of vertical stripes. Dark tones, a smooth may be more favorable areas seeking to hide and a print in areas to highlight.

-Size of the print: prints must be in proportion with who wears them: a very small print in someone of medium to large build will make the person appear larger than it is, and a very large print will make the person Miss and look smaller. The small print is for women of less than 1.60 meters high, the medium size is for those who measure between 1.61 and 1.70 meters and for those who measure more than 1.71 meters, the large size will be ideal.

-Would throw low or medium?: in the case of bikinis and tankinis, is very important to determine the Bishop or bottom shot. Medium shot tends to be the more Center in the majority of cases. In the case of using shot low, have to be careful that the garment is not too tight because it will generate the famous “floats” or side rolls that are not nothing flattering.

A way to avoid these rolls are swimsuits with panties which can be attached to measure so that each body the unmarked over tighten.

-With or without details? : All kinds of appliqué, embroidery, flown or draping you may have the swimsuit is a detail and as such, takes all looks the part of the body in which it is placed.