How to Choose the Sports Bra

With the arrival of autumn, and the excesses of summer, sport becomes for many women in another part of your routine. To practice sport properly they have to take into account all parts of the body and one of them, and very delicate, is chest.

Do not use sports bra When you are playing sport may be lesions of various types for the breast of the woman. In addition, not being subject correctly may be stretching the ligaments that make up the chest. In this way, it is not enough only to use a sports bra, must choose the appropriate for everyone.

What to keep in mind when choosing the sports bra

  • The type of fastener that is used . Sports Bras are divided into three types: low, medium and high impact. In this way, jogging, go biking, skating or walk should use a pinch of medium impact, in order to practice pilates, going to the gym or do yoga the right is the low impact and for running or aerobics clip high impact.
    The type of fastening . Sports Bras can be secured by compression or meditation. Compression bra fastens the chest against the rib cage and avoids that are produced too many movements, this is best suited for small breasts. The bra by gathering collects breast and wrapped each one separately, it is suitable for women with large breasts. Can also be found in the market Sports Bras that combine both forms of subjection.
  • Carving . Has to choose the size correct by measuring the chest and contouring.
  • The shoulder straps . Bigger chest wider should be the straps provided of latch on correctly.
  • The closing . It should be comfortable for the woman who uses the fastener.

Healthy Tips for summer sport

Already practically reached the time of summer, and we see through the streets and gyms to a lot of people playing sport to get fit, complete the operation bikini that began months ago or for simple fun is that, with the arrival of good weather, our desire to make sport, especially outdoor activities increase. So today, we want to give you some guidelines so that you enjoy all the sports you want, but in a correct and healthy.

Guidelines and tips to make sport in summer

  • Choose the most suitable hours for this purpose. Logically, it is unbearable to be at certain times of the day in the Sun, especially in the southern half of the country in summer. Not to mention then practicing sport. It is advisable to exercise or early hours of the morning to the last hours of the day, when the Sun is not at its best, so not to take a too-high limit to our body.
  • Hydration. Seems a Perogrullo advice, but if in summer we had to drink, even more if high impact exercise, like running, swimming or playing tennis. Fluid loss is accentuated in summer and therefore must consume much liquid before and after exercise.
  • Adequate rest. Although this is a practice that should be carried out throughout the year, cobra special importance in summer, since the effort due to the intense heat that we put into our bodies is greater, therefore even more important is the rest.
  • Correct power. Another tip that must be taken into account throughout the year, even if not practiced sport. Food is the fuel with which our body works every day and therefore has to be as healthy and balanced as possible.
  • Appropriate attire. Clothing for sports has to be always adequate, since the male and female underwear to shoes that we use, and in the summer should be even more, to prevent chafing, blisters or other nuisances arising from the heat. Garments such as the Sports Bras are widely used and most recommended for the practice of physical activities, especially in summer.

And you? Do you have other tips to give us when it comes to sports in summer?

Underwear to make sport

Already got good weather, and it will soon be the season for beach and swimming pools, by what we have begun to do sport to feel healthier and get the figure that we want. You have begun to do sport and insurance that you had in mind that shoes choose, diet to follow, etc., but surely you’ve not taken into account something very important when practicing sports: underwear. Therefore today, we want to give you some tips on the underwear that you should choose.

Male indoor clothing for sport

Regarding the men’s underwear for sports, undoubtedly the best are breathable fabrics such as cotton underpants and that conform to the skin without tightening, i.e., that provide a good grip without tightening too, so do sport you feel both comfortable and safe. Although it does not appear so, men’s underwear, particularly underpants are very important when doing any physical activity.

On the other hand, regarding the type of underpants for sport, best are the slip and boxer, since they are those who provide more support and comfort.

Female indoor clothing for sport

With respect to women’s underwear to make high-impact physical activities must take into account two main aspects: panties, thongs and shapewear for our more intimate zone and fasteners to not cause damage or inconvenience in our upper body area.

Regarding the differences between panties, girdles or tangas to realize sport, depends on a little of each person with which you feel most comfortable and also the physical activity that develops. It is highly advisable is to avoid fabrics that do not traspiren or that span too legs, post may cause discomfort quite important as chafing, itching or high sweating. Our advice: breathable fabrics and that adapt perfectly to the body.

Finally, with regard to the type of BRA, although it is not discouraged to make sport with fasteners normal, if it is highly advisable to use Sports Bras for physical activities, especially activities of high impact.

In short, ideal is that you use underwear comfortable, good materials and that adapt perfectly to you in any type of situation, physical activity, the intensity that is.

And you, follow these tips when it comes to physical activity?

Choose well the fastener is easier than you think

With the flies to the cole come shopping and the rush to have everything ready so that our children have everything you need to deal with a new course. However, in this coming and going we don’t stop to think if what we buy is more appropriate, or if it will last throughout the year.

One of the garments that causes major headaches both mothers to daughters as is the bra sports for girls. And is that the arrival of classes brings with it the return to extracurricular activities and all that that entails: adapt schedules, buy material and of course, to buy more and more clothes. That is why, in the post of give you have well to choose when it comes to a garment as delicate as a holder for your daughter.

Choose right way is of vital importance, because otherwise we could cause back problems. For this reason, there are a number of details that we must bear in mind:


The BRA size is the first thing that we need to think. It is tedious to have to try on the bra and often buy it outright. However, use a little time on the tester will help prevent trouble later. Since it’s a sports bra, it is important to be adjusted and comfortable. You can not cut breath!

The cups

Since our daughter is in a moment of development, is it is the most important decision. For this reason, if your Cup is small (A or B) it is better that the sports bra is compression, like a top. However, if you already use a bigger as C or D Cup, the sports bra should collect the chest without compressing it, as a holder of normal use.

The type of sport

We have to take into account the sport you are going to practice our daughter, because depending on that, the clamping level will be greater or lesser. Thus, sports low-impact like yoga or pilates will require a bra of less fit than for high impact such as running, volleyball and cycling sports

Other details

In addition to setting, there are some aspects which are also very important in this type of underwear for girls. The type of fabric should be breathable; It must not have metal rings, especially those fasteners with the larger cups, or seams must be flat, to prevent chafing during exercise.

Finally, if this is the first clip that you buy for your daughter, there are certain aspects to take into account, as we discussed in the post of a few weeks ago. ‘m sure you find it interesting!