How To Choose The Vintage Ties?

The fashions are written endlessly in the media, the Internet, as well as private fashion bloggers on the website. This is an interesting phenomenon. Muotihan not in fact always been synonymous with clean, good-looking and stylish with. Fashion should be fun and should provide a source of inspiration. Take it easy, yes, the right tie can be found!

How To Choose The Vintage Ties

Vintage Ties

Top we want to say that everything is possible, as long as it looks good! Anyone can follow trends. It takes a real sense of style to make something new and exciting to the old classics. Now, of course, about his personal sense of style. A personal style is independent of time trends and fashions. Similarly, the body structure is not relevant to the matter. It is a question that everyone will find their own style. The style, which confirms the good puoliasi and helps bring out your personality. When you are “properly dressed”, you will feel comfortable in any situation. The man necktie is one of the few possibilities to decorate themselves, while maintaining the elegance. After all, the purpose is to highlight the right style for you!

Combining color and pattern is not always an easy task. Dedication is important not to forget that fashion should be fun! There are many rules and regulations, which may be useful but, sadly, they may also sometimes be an obstacle to creativity.

Choosing a vintage tie is more important to find a compatible pattern than color. You can find many here. Solid color shirt is compatible with a patterned tie, and vice versa. As a guideline it can be said that the most suitable ties with one-colored shirts used.

How To Choose The Vintage Ties


  • You can connect a striped shirt with a retro tie, as long as the tracks are not the same width. Assets can also be said with checkered shirt and tie.
  • Ensure that at least one tie colors to match either a suit, shirt, belt or shoes with.
  • Avoid using a striped tie together a striped suit and a shirt with. Combining three of the same kind of pattern is rarely successful entity.