How to Choose Your Anti-Cut Gloves

One of the indispensable elements for the protection of the bodies of and forces of security of the State in its daily work are the gloves anticort.

To select the appropriate protective gloves we must know a series of data that will influence the decision of the same.Take into account various factors such as the workplace, type of operations or the environment.

We will start with the protective levels of the anti-cut gloves, what do the different levels depend on?The EN 388 standard on occupational safety and health assesses four aspects of the materials from which they are manufactured:

– Abrasion resistance.Levels 1 to 4

– Cutting resistance by blade.Levels 1 to 5

– Tear resistance.Levels 1 to 4

– Resistance to perforation.Levels 1 to 4

Depending on the resistance that the gloves obtain to different tests, it is assigned one level or another.

As for cutting, the following table shows what level belongs to each cutting cycle:

The security forces demand gloves resistant to the cut but with great sensitivity when searching, handling weapons or police instruments.They assert that it is important not to lose the touch and the employability of the hands when it comes to wielding the weapon, handcuffing or searching.Protective gloves have to fit to the hand as a second skin.For this it is important to choose the size perfectly.They also consider it essential that they be quick and easy to put on and take off (even with a wet hand).

The next step is to see if you need anti-cuts, fine for barking or anti-riot.

The bodies and security forces claim that they face many times with white weapons, much more accessible than fire.In addition, curlers can carry sharp objects and it is convenient to use gloves that protect the hands against this type of instruments.Since they do not have much to see the characteristics of a riot glove (or with anti-riot functions) with which should have one for motorists or for citizen safety, those who, in short, do a lot of hands-on work.For them, in SHOKE we recommend the following:

– NIV5 Leather, Nylon and Neoprene Anti-Cut Gloves: These gloves have a level 5 anti-cut protection. Patrol police gloves designed with the right characteristics to offer maximum security. In its manufacture has developed an innovative fabric, the pixelated leather, fire retardant and with greater resistance to rubbing. The neoprene, as it lets the hand transpire and is elastic, which allows a great mobility of the hand.

Glove SHOKE anti-neoprene level 5 palm protection hand

-Guard SHOKE anti-neoprene level 5 protection palm hand. These gloves provide the highest sensitivity, being ideal for sniffing and interventions where you need a glove resistant to cutting but with great sensitivity to handle weapons or police instruments.

– SHOKE anti-cut neoprene gloves level 5, protection knuckles and Kevlar reinforcements.These are level 5 patrol gloves for forces and security forces.They are designed with the right features to offer comfort and maximum safety against cuts.In the manufacture of the glove a 4way bielastic fabric is used.The palm is made with neoprene and loved with Meyer lining.It has level 5 and Kevlar protection parts on the knuckles and thumb, the fingers most at risk of being damaged in any type of operation, to ensure maximum protection against shock.

For more risky operations, in SHOKE we have SHOKE anti-cut gloves with protection at the knuckles.Especially intended for operations of maximum risk such as riot control.

Riot gloves are also anti-cut, but offer greater protection commensurate with the risk of this type of operations.They have a piece of carbon that is located on the back of the knuckles, providing a high degree of protection against impacts and abrasions.The points of neoprene for better grip, at the tip of the index finger and heart, the most used fingers of the hand and therefore, the fingers with more risk of suffering damages of blade, blows or abrasion According to opinions of police, Some gloves of this type in the bag or the car since you never know when they should be used.

In SHOKE we will advise you when choosing your gloves as best as possible, as we try to facilitate the hard work that sometimes you face.