How to Clean Shoes: Essential Tips to Keeping Them in Perfect Condition

Women are reputed to be “crazy about shoes.” And it’s not by chance: most of them need at least one pair just to work, one (or more) sneakers to practice their physical activities, different models of sandals to go out at night, several options for everyday sneakers … And much more! After all, they are even essential regardless of the model, and they make all the difference when it comes to putting together a look.

How to Clean Shoes Essential Tips to Keeping Them in Perfect Condition

However, with so many pairs of shoes available at home, it is common to have questions about how to clean each one. But, this act is totally necessary so that the different types of footwear are conserved for more time.

In addition, proper shoe cleaning is essential to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and fungi and is one of the main factors in combating unpleasant odors and diseases caused by perspiration of the feet, such as mycosis.

“It is important to invest in a proper cleaning process of shoes, as even common washing can damage them, since the parts remain very wet, with a tendency to accumulate microorganisms harmful to health,” explains Rejane Nascimento, manager of 5àsec training, specializing in cleaning and sanitizing tennis shoes and other footwear.

Below, the professional gives some tips on how to wash the main types of shoes:


Rejane Nascimento points out that the ideal is always to bring pairs of sneakers to a laundromat where professionals will be able to take care of them in the best possible way, since there are sneakers made of different materials of different qualities … And all this needs to be taken into consideration.

In general, however, it can be said that in order to wash sneakers it is necessary first to separate the laces and insoles which should be washed together in a protective bag inside the machine.

“A neutral detergent can be used on a soft-bristled brush (or, in some cases, with a little more firm bristles) and carefully rub it on the tennis shoes. On rubber parts and soles, you can use river stone or bush, “explains Rejane.

After that, the sneakers should be placed in a protective bag to be taken to the machine. “It must be run in a delicate program, so as not to ruin the shoes. Otherwise, the sole may even take off “, says the professional.

After the procedure already mentioned, a dry bath towel can be put next to the sneakers in the machine and to activate the program of centrifugation. This makes the shoes come out virtually dry from the machine, according to Rejane.

The 5àsec training manager also adds that sneakers, after washing, should not be placed in the sun, but in an airy place, where they should remain for about 24 hours.

Leather shoes

Leather shoes require special care. Everything must be done manually. You can use a soft toothbrush with diluted neutral soap, and a slightly damp towel. “Then, the brush is passed in a small part of the shoe and, soon after, the wet towel in the same place. And so on, until I finish cleaning the whole shoe, “he says.

It is also necessary to do this same cleaning in the inside of the shoes and, later, to pass a deodorant in it.

“Leather shoes should also be left in an airy location. And after that, a little moisturizer or petroleum jelly (in the case of plain leather) can be put on the shoes, “says Rejane.

“In the case of suede shoes, put the moisturizer inside a spray bottle to sneeze it from afar,” adds the professional.

Fabric Shoes

Shoes made of fabric also require special care. “You can even use a baby hairbrush. It should be passed, somewhat moist, on a part of the shoe and, soon after, the dryer is passed. And so on, in each part of the shoes, to prevent the fabric from getting wet and staining, “explains Rejane Nascimento.

One tip of the expert is to use two drops of vinegar in the water where the brush will be wet, which will help to prevent the formation of spots on this type of footwear.

Rope soles shoes

They also deserve special care as they should be wet as little as possible. “You can use a damp cloth with mild soap and rubbing it slowly,” he says.

If necessary, adds the professional, you can use a dryer to leave no part of the shoe a little wet. After the procedure, it is interesting to pass a deodorant on the footwear.

Lacquered shoes

To clean this type of footwear, use only a damp and lint-free cloth (flannel or towel) (which may be a cream or a bit of furniture polish).

“It is important that both the cream and the furniture polish be placed on the cloth and never directly in the shoes, so as not to mark them,” says Rejane Nascimento.

Now you know that each type of footwear needs special care. So if you do not have time to clean your shoes, take them to a specialized laundry facility that will use the right products and procedures so they stay perfect for longer!