How to Combine Clothing and Shoes

Women are super clever and creative, but it is true that not easy combining clothes and shoesis all, it will be because we sometimes become obsessed by look good?

Today the number of styles and colors to choose is infinite and regardless of the season of the year in which we are. We want to give you a few tips so they will help you decide How to combine clothes and shoes, so you’ll look spectacular and you will feel equal.

When you use a dress with a colorful and bold design, use with a few simple high heel shoes, black and unadorned.

If you are wearing a simple set, can give life with shoes in vivid color. On the contrary if the color of your set is very colorful, refine the detail with a few shoes that have one of the colors that you find in your clothes.

If you’re thin, never views and calzes of a single color.

If it’s summer, you can dress casual and enjoy your sandals, ballerinas or espadrilles.

If it’s autumn, you forget the sandals, not going with autumn colors or thick clothing.

In winter choose shoes either moccasins, boots and shoes.

If you want to see more high, combines the high heels with skirts or tailored pants.

If you have short legs and are going to use skirt, avoid shoes or shoes with straps or strap around the ankle.

If you think that your feet are too big for your size, use heels closed at the tip and have oval or square shape, you can combine them with skirt or pants.

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