How to Combine Jackets with Floral Print

We are in this difficult time of the year, in which one does not know what to wear because when we left, mornings are fresh and hot weather in the afternoon. However, I think that put us a light jacket in summery shades can be our ACE in the hole for every day of the week.

In this sense, the blazers flowery or floral prints can be a good choice. Sometimes only takes a simple garment with a nice design to make a normal set look special. But his original style can be at odds with its combination, because it is difficult to combine with other garments.

The trick is simple: with plain clothes. However, here I offer a few recommendations to know carry them with panache.

Firstly, with the classic white & black. A gauzy blouse in white with a black skirt and black accessories also, highlighted all the personality of the jacket, which will be the focus of attention and will give joy to this sober look.

Another daring suggestion is to combine the jacket flowered with animal print shoes as a counterpoint. It is original but do not believe it will. That Yes, we must opt for a monochrome set, i.e., all the garments of the same color, as already carry too many prints in the look.

Finally, and continuing with the monochrome, always can get a dress in one of the colors of the jacket, or a tone nude, that being the more neutral color palette, will marry perfectly with floral jacket, regardless of colors that is. As you can appreciate this set that I propose is ideal for celebrations day we have now this season, such as an communion or baptism. These accessories of Sfera in dusty shades close this elegant look.

The truth is that by making this post, I have seen that actually there is many possibilities of combining a jacket with floral print. The smooth colors are imposed, and for us, we have more than 50 years, best with dark or neutral tones. These blazers are already in itself, too much cantosas, so better we leave to the young spring and colorful tones.