How to Combine Leggings in the Right Way

The leggings are a convenient and versatile garment and restated for years now in different styles: blacks, colored, patterned fabric, leather, lycra, remodeling or jeans etc, should not miss in the closet of girls and women of all ages, but you are safe to wear them in the right way?

In many they think they can use them as substitutes pants, but be careful because this is not so: the leggings, which are nothing more than the good old leggings, consist of highly adherent materials and, if worn with short shirts that do not cover enough, there is a risk of showcasing just adequate transparency. So to wear this garment is important, especially if we have a few extra pounds too, combine it with clothes not too clingy, such as an oversized knitted or falls soft sides.

Here are 5 total look and some useful advice on how to combine them and wear them to best:

1° look: leggings a fantas

The patterned leggings are the most difficult to match, especially when the patterns are very whimsical as that in the picture, and are suitable to most young people, mostly girls under 16. The ideal is to wear them with clothes in shades of one color, preferably neutral as in the picture, to avoid the carnival effect, such as army green bomber jacket, the big gray shirt to match his cap and sneakers, with blue details that echoes the color of leggings!

2nd look: leather leggings

The leather leggings are a trend this season, we have seen a large number of shops, in all styles and forms and depending on the model you can wear them with high heels or flat shoes. In this second winter look, very casual, I paired them with leather boots, maxi pull burgundy, padded jacket and hat denim.

3° look: leggings a righe

The rows also are a fantasy, but in this case more simple and suitable for other age! In fact, I decided to combine these beautiful striped leggings designer Lisa Marie Fernandez, with black contrasting zip, with clothes and accessories for more daytime look, but more chic version, thanks to shades of pink down jacket with side zip and cap with pom pom. To end a black twist with the bag and the boots with comfortable heel and a metal touch with sunglasses with mirrored silver lenses.

4° look: leggings di jeans

The leggings jeans were the real turning point, although not a leader for elegant nature, with some changes in most we can also wear more formal occasions. The basic requirement is that they are very opaque, solid color and preferably dark in color (blacks, gray or blue) and if possible high in life like those in the picture, so you can wear with masculine-cut shirts or silk blouses or fantasy. You can match even a blazer, but since we are in the cold season and the balances in progress, I opted for a beautiful fur fashion, finally must not miss the stylish shoes with high heels, such as cleavage, boots or ankle boots and a nice precious jewel.

5th look: sports leggings

I found the most complete leggings sweatshirt, signed Adidas by Stella McCarteney, really beautiful, but especially for those who love outdoor sports, but also in the gym. An outfit only sports, but fashionable, also made up of a electric blue jacket, of running shoes and a backpack to hold everything you need you need to do such as yoga.