How to Dress Like a Diva and Feel Comfortable at the Same Time

Good morning divas!!!

Today’s post was prepared with great care in order to meet the request of a reader in particular, Bruna wrote to us as follows:

“(…) I’m starting my college next Monday and, like work, I have to go straight from here to there. That is, with not even the minimum time to change clothes and etc. 
I want tips for comfortable looks , but that didn’t pass the line of over relaxation!
I want tips on outfits, or even shoe!! 
Can you give me some tips????? (…)”

People … until recently I suffered the same problem too! I’ve been working since I was 18 and have always had to face a marathon between home and college every day, not to mention the bus that I had to ride before having my car!

The truth is that, with the fast pace life, we end up giving up vanity and striving for comfort. So today’s post is to break this paradigm and to show that I can to be DIVA and COMFORTABLE at the same time!

I posted 5 looks (one for each day of the week) and I tried to show several ways of dressing, to suit all tastes.

I believe that most of the looks suits any type of environment, unless in a firm more formally prohibiting jeans, for example. But everything is adaptable and I chose pieces super easy to be found, so it’s all about creativity and inspiration!

To start the week, basic look: a “must have”, which is ideal for the day when we don’t feel inspired and nothing seems to be good. For the desktop, ALWAYS preferring the jeans with a darker wash, it is tidier and gives the carefree feeling. As I work in air-conditioned environment, despite the scorching heat, I always come with a jacket so as not to be cold and, in addition, the jacket is a great option to diversify the look! Bet on colored or patterned jackets for a boost in the visual effect. Under your feet, a beautiful shoe and super comfortable to carry all day. Avoid flat slippers or sneakers. Nothing overrides the heels, because they are much more tidy and more formal to work.

For me, Tuesday’s meeting day! So I put together a tidier look, with a pencil skirt, blazer and a super comfortable pair of pumps. Pencil skirt makes a statement, but to stay in the comfort zone, chose a pair of nude color pumps with a lower heel (if you don’t yet have them, PURCHASE!) that, in addition to lengthening the silhouette, also goes with everything and give more elegance to the look. And if you feel you are “dressed up” for college, put the blazer in the handbag and get ready, still beautiful and looks good in a “less formal” way.

On Wednesday, we return to the sneakers, but chose a full facade of golden sparkles because we deserve to shine always! A printed dress and baggy jeans combined with a cardigan and red accessories to glamorize a little. Just be careful with the length of the dress, after all no one wants to look like a porn star at work, isn’t it?!

Thursday it’s almost Friday, so we be more daring!
I adore patterned pants and I fell in love with this black with white polka dots. Prefer colorful sweaters to brighten the look and if the pants are already colorful, opt for more sober tones on top and that, preferably, combine in some detail. Another basic part and more than necessary is a black jacket with a good cut. I have my faux leather C &A that I wouldn’t trade for anything! Feet, a pointy sneaker varnished is super chic and that made me wishful! If someone find any good shoes to buy, tell me please!

Friday ALMOST EVERYTHING is unleashed!
So I cried that MARA look that goes to the beach, college, work and even for the night. Taking advantage of the wave of bodysuits, I arranged a black (no cleavage) with a printed and a wide sandals . As the bodysuit is more slim, it is ideal to mix it with baggy pieces not to be all too much! Bet on more neutral accessories not to be “too revealing”.

Well … that’s it! Now nobody has more excuses to walk anyway! I want all all of you to be always both comfortable and divas from now on!

Then Bruna. … What do you think? Are you excited for the back-to-school season?