How to Make a LED Watch

Discovery: Do you know the world of LED Watch? If it does not, this will interest you… In 2011, a new trend has emerged, that of LED Watch.Instead whether models with real needles, here you have a dial which directly behind the time when you press a button. Rather addressed to a young audience, the lED watch is imposed every year by offering the possibility to customize your bracelet. Today, this model still works very well and the world of blogs often speak as one of the gadgets needed to possess urgently.

An Easy And Not Expensive Watch

Easy and cheap, it is the two characteristics of this LED watch. 99 to 12 euros (average of prices), you can dress up your handle with a colorful model that does not cost much. The advantage also lies in the longevity of the product. Since the product is made with LEDs, it often lasts much longer than a conventional all shows that the time display is available only when you decide to push a button to bring up the numbers on the dial.

How to make a LED watch?

If you have purchased this product, it’s probably the question you ask yourself.To operate, simply press a button to turn on the watch. Then you can change the time simply by clicking on the bottom right button.

Here is a short video tutorial that will teach you to run your watch LED.