How to Make Skinny Jeans for Guys

Skinny jeans are tight fitted jeans that narrow and taper significantly by calves and ankles. This style of jeans are popular among women and European and Asian men, but only recently have been popular among men in the United States. According to the Wall Street Journal, skinny jeans for men a growing sub retail in the United States. Yes, with stars such as Justin Timberlake and Kanye West shows off his sculpted legs in tight denim and retailers such as Diesel, Gap, Rock & Republic and 7 for all mankind promotional style, skinny jeans for men or guys without a doubt become a mainstream urban look.


  • Buy a men’s skinny or slim legs jeans pattern from an online catalog that Internetdict or at a fabric store. A narrow leg jean pattern can be changed in a skinny jean pattern of additional tapered fabric pattern on the calf and ankle.
  • Buy denim fabric from a fabric store or online. You should feel the denim to give yourself an idea of how hard it will be mounted to the bone. Look for fabric that is flexible, such as stretch denim, which includes 2% and 4% spandex. While some men may find the idea of wearing spandex unusual, use retail skinny jeans for men, made by 7 for all mankind, Rock & Republic, spandex.
  • Buy wire and other items as indicated on the pattern envelope for jeans, as a zip and button for the branch.
  • Take the wearers body measurements, beginning with the branch. For a comfortable fit, first measure the crotch seam on a pair of pants that already fits the wearer comfortably.Compare the length to length and branch the fluctuation pattern do as needed. Skinny jeans often have a tighter crotch than usual because many male carriers sacrifice mobility and leg rotation for tight-fitted look. But some guys prefer a more comfortable fit. To extend the skinny jeans pattern, add a strip of paper and tape it in place on the basis of the measurements from the existing pair of jeans.
  • Take the remaining measurements required as listed on the pattern, as the Inseam, waist, hips, waist to knee, knee to ankle and thigh circumference, knee, calf and ankle for the wearer.
  • Cut out all pieces of paper pattern. Add denim fabric on a flat surface.Put on the jean pattern cut-outs on the denim fabric. PIN each piece carefully. Cut out was pinned piece after the dashed line that best fits the measurements as a carrier.
  • Fasten together pieces of the jeans. Keep up to the wearer and based on measurements of calf and ankle, contract in a gentle Taper is based on measurements of the circumference of the calf and ankle with pins for both the inseam and the outer membrane of the jeans to get skinny jeans look.
  • Sew all pieces of denim together in the correct order after the pattern with a sewing machine. Add extensions as zip, pockets and belt loop hole last.
  • Check the fit of jeans by having the carrier fit on jeans and make any changes needed for the best fit.