How to Match Leather Skirt

Are you sure you know how to match the leather skirt? We provide 8 style tips to follow to flaunt a flawless look! Wearing this garment virtually timeless need to do a bit of attention because, perhaps, it is not by all: requires a soul rock to match it to the fullest! The risk in this case is to feel uncomfortable or appear inadequate. If you want to be certain to appear at the top, we discover together how to wear and match with the leather skirt.

Mini skirt in pelle

If you have chosen to wear a leather mini skirt, we suggest you to pair it to a solid white t-shirt or print. For a casual look, we suggest wearing it along with an oversized sweater or a denim shirt or a sweatshirt.

Long leather skirt

If you have a long leather skirt that reaches to the knee, we suggest you wear it with wool or cashmere sweater to be brought to an end in the leather skirt. You can match it to a poncho liner or paintings.

Leather skirt suit

The leather skirt is a timeless garment which is always peeping into the walkways of the best brands. If you have decided to make space in your wardrobe to the skirts of leather wheel, you might combine it with a corset, a lace sweater or a jacket. A perfect outfit from day is formed also from cardigan worn with a narrow belt at waist.

Leather pencil skirt

If you are planning to wear a leather skirt at an event and want to look sensual, follow our style Tip: pair it with a high-neck crop top. Choose the black stockings work if the weather is cold but don’t forget your heels! This is one of the ways to wear a pencil skirt most seductive ever!

Leather skirt and blazer

If you want to show off a sleek leather skirt, ideal both for work and for a special occasion, we suggest you opt for a pairing with a blazer. Under the jacket, you can wear a contrasting t-shirt or a sweater during the winter season. Chic accessories or more jaunty can mean the difference between a glam look and one grittier.

Leather and knit skirt

For a more casual outfit, choose a short leather skirt to wear with a cotton sweater. You can opt for a black and white striped pattern with sleeves midi or a boss to be worn over a white shirt. Treat yourself to a touch of color with contrasting scarf or shoes.

Pleated leather skirt

How to wear the pleated leather skirt? If your leather skirt features a pleated motif, you might match it to an oversize sweater or a shirt in fantasy. Your look will be comfortable and practical, suitable for metropolitan life!

Leather skirt and shirt

The leather skirt paired with a denim shirt represents an ideal combination that combines a perfect balance practicality and elegance. You can decline it gritty version by choosing a Chief camouflage or more sober and elegant, with red leather. The cotton shirt is also a great choice. You prefer white or turquoise with black skirt. The outfit with jacket and leather skirt is the tendency of fall-winter 2014-2015.