How to Prepare a Hiking Backpack

You have decided to start to hike, and for that reason you bought a brand new backpack. Are you happy purchase? You’ve chosen the right one? Good. Now is the time to fill it. But what to bring with them, and how best to prepare the backpack through online shop?

How to Prepare a Hiking Backpack

I could snocciolarti a list of things to put in your backpack, but the web is already full of lists in many different ways and, therefore, would have no way to edit the umpteenth pappardella.

Important premise

However, what I would say is this: to prepare the backpack there is no precise recipe to be taken literally but you will always and only you find the right mix of things to carry on their shoulders, in relation to the difficulty and the length of the excursion, the season, the weather conditions and last but not least to your background and experience.

It brings only the essential!

If it is true that save weight means save effort in preparing the backpack you will need to choose only the things useful and necessary and leave home those unnecessary taking into account that will be the time and experience to make you find the right balance between weight and real utility everything that you carry around your back. Because you decide what to put in your backpack is a question in my very subjective opinion, which can not fail regardless of many variables.

Here’s an example…

Take a hike of 1000 meters in altitude: a well-trained person may be enough fine pint of water, or even what to bring to a close as easy for a novice hiker or just coached one liter of water may not be enough . Same thing also applies to the food while regarding the clothing should be no major differences.

Generally I feel I can say that with the same path probably just those who are less trained will be forced to also burdened with more weight on his shoulders, as higher its residence time along the way. This implies an increase in the probability of being caught in a storm afternoon as they need more food, clothing and water to complete with the necessary security the itinerary.

For this reason they make me laugh all those sterile lists of things to put in your backpack that are found online. There is a list of things that are good for everyone and for every excursion, but only the things that are more important and some less. The right mix between weight and comfort to you to find it in relation to your workout on your experience and the current and expected weather conditions. Everyone is right to prepare his backpack and I want to emphasize “his” in the sense of tailor-made for him.