How to Sew a Skirt out of Jeans

No wardrobe that if you dig can not find at least one old pair of jeans or if around you is so, then why not try to turn it into a new stylish skirt? It’s easy and will not take you much time. To do this, follow the instructions below for wearing tips.

1. The first thing you need to do is decide how long you want to be your new skirt. Put the jeans on a flat surface or table and cut the legs of jeans the length you want. If you want the skirt to be folded to leave the reserve by 2.5cm.

2. Once you have coped with this task carefully slipped easily inside edges of the legs until you reach seams at the crotch. An edge from the back of jeans, slipped easily to the belt (there where he began nut), while the front to the zipper and then flip back jeans.

3. Carefully collect two front pieces and baste them with a needle and thread. Under carefully borne in mind to make sure that once you have collected two parts, you got a really right track.

4. Do the same with the resulting pieces on the back of his jeans. After pinch, begin to baste from the nut down in a straight line. You will receive a small surplus of fabric that need to trim after you baste successfully and you have verified that the line is really straight. For this purpose, you can measure the distance from the pockets of her skirt up so the resulting edge and if it is the same on both sides, it means you’ve successfully.

5. All you simply sewing machine, and then carefully remove the thread that you served for baste and your new skirt is ready. Optionally, if you decide not to do hem you carefully razrafate lower edge of the skirt.

6. Another thing you can make your sex more spectacular is to take a razor blade and make the length of the skirt several horizontal incision.