How to Use and How to Do Step by Step

Did you know that Crochet Shorts are super versatile and knock out on several occasions? They fool who thinks they’re only good for going to the beach. Today the trend is to combine them in urban looks, day to day and night out. Come with us to know several models, looks tips and still learn the step by step!

Why wear crochet shorts?

  • The crochet shorts are super feminine and leave any look much more delicate and beautiful.
  • They are super comfortable and dress well: you do not have to worry about how it will sit, as with short crochet skirts, but it will have the same feminine and lacy effect.Also, you can order one tailor made for your body or you can make yours yourselves!See the tutorials at the end of the post.
  • They can be used by women of all ages and biotypes.The crochet shorts are very easy to find and, moreover, at affordable prices.

Models of crochet shorts


The black crochet shorts are a great alternative to the classic white or raw model according to They combine with several pieces of clothing and make for elegant looks and also to go out at night.Can combine with little skirts, booties, scarpins, use creativity.Here are some models:


The white crochet shorts are classic and irresistible.Delicate, feminine, fresh and combines with several pieces of clothing and accessories.It is a piece worth having in the closet to assemble stylish looks or to raze on the beach and in the pool.Here are some beautiful models:


Who says crochet shorts have to always be white or black?Colorful crochet shorts are the face of summer!Choose your favorite color or match all the colors you like best.See below:

High waist

A super trend, high waist shorts are great because they cover the belly and you can combine with cropped tops or tops or even create more fashionable looks.Here are some beautiful models:

Short skirt

The short crochet skirt is a classic!It’s great because it looks like a skirt and looks super feminine, but it has the comfort of a shorts, leaving you feel comfortable walking and sitting the way you want.

To beach

The difference from crochet shorts to beach is that they usually come without the lining or are more open and tie models, creating a game of hide and reveal that look wonderful in your bikini.Here are some models:

How to use – Looks tips

The most popular looks with crochet shorts are beach looks: to avoid mistakes, you can combine your shorts with a cropped top or crochet top of the same color, forming a little joint.If it’s a bit cooler, combine it with a long-sleeved blouse or throw a cardigan over it, it looks great.Here are some must-have looks:

How to do step by step – Tutorials

And so, now that you’ve become a fan of crochet shorts, how about watching some tutorials for you to get inspired and make yours?

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