How to Use Blazer with Jeans Without Fear of Making Mistakes?

Combining blazer with jeans for men? This is a combination that goes very well for the modern man. The formality of tailoring with casual jeans gives a tone more of modernity to look masculine.

The blog offers today various looks for matching blazer with jeans without fear of making mistakes. Sounds easy, but you have to have common sense and following a few ground rules for the visual stay in trinks.

If you hit the combination of blazer with jeans certainly visual will comply with the goal of bringing to your day to day modernity and style, breaking some of the formality.

Combining Blazer with jeans?

The blazer is a play Joker male garment, since it works perfectly well for any occasion. Have a black piece, gray, Brown or Navy Blue is the basics not to miss – click here to read how to use colored blazer. Here are some ideas of what we present looks and binds in the tip that we present.

How must be the jeans?

Combining blazer with jeans, opt for models less wide and a little more glued to the body. Preferably also the jeans with the short bars.

There are people who doesn’t like much but if style is more cool choice jeans with rips, washes and estonados, but always with discretion.

How should the blazer?

Choose smooth and tailoring. No models made of Sweatshirt, hooded or zippers, after all, you want to give an informal tone to the look, but stylish.

Jacket with t-shirt

Yes, pretty sure use blazer with jeans and t-shirt choose t-shirts flat meshes (how about Turtleneck?).

Which shoes to use in combining Blazer with jeans?

How about boots, moccasins and even the shoes? The Ferricelli, brand men shoes of France (the capital of footwear), have beautiful options to choose from. Are shoes made in leather and with details that enhance the look of the modern man.


At first glance it may seem strange, but the shoes with built-in heel is a great option for men short in stature who want to look taller. Noticeable on the outside, the jump of these models can increase your height up to 4 cm, totally discreet and invisible. This is possible thanks to a technology called Adaption System, which puts a sock adaptable to your foot format between the leather and the sole, adding height and comfort in a unique footwear.

Check out the models of shoes that have the Adaption technology System.