How to Use More Than One Bag on the Look

The fashion weeks are filled with new styles and trendssuch as the fashion is cyclical, it is common to see trends abandoned in the past come back with everything as in the case of Vichy chess. Another thing that I tend to notice is in the styling tricks–goes beyond what to wear, but “how” dress—that is, the way how you carry a coat, as you put the shirt in the waistband, using shoes with SOCKS, among many other examples.

This time a recurring trend was the use of two or more bags at the same time–what today seems crazy to us who used with minimalist models and small clutches-but once we did without stopping. The idea of the moment is carrying a big bag with a mini version, or even two as this picture! Stay cute!

Of course you should go beyond fad: just press another big purse if you really need, the minis are a charm in the look. In this case she has joined to the Cape of mobile KFC as mini purse-was unusual, but it’s hard to adapt to our reality.

This case follows the same line of the first picture, with an addendum: she combined the two colors predominate in the plate with the two colors of the scholarships. I think chic and breaking a twig in time to make tetris with things in the bag because you have two!

Here are contrasting colors with each other and shapes different, but notice that the type of leather is very similar and both are structured.

Finally, we have a most ridiculous and yet more real for our needs on a daily basis–the colorful bag that matches the look for your print and other more “fun”.

This can be a good outlet to use more than one bag on the look, choose a model more “serious” and another that has a footprint of fun. In the end, it doesn’t matter if it’s a fad, it’s about what you need to carry on a daily basis.

Yes, you can come out with two bags.

Fotos: Reprodução

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