How to Use Stripes Clothing

Striped garments, will be one of the patterns that never became fashionable, not interested in how much time pass. Also keep in mind that the striped garments can be your best or your worst enemy. Why perfect is to know what clothes striped you are benefiting more and therefore know what you are. For this reason, it is very important to know how to carry them?

How tips wear the stripes

Avoid at all costs combine stripes + prints, this is for do not visually overloading your outfit, in a nutshell if you choose to wear a garment to stripes in the upper part of your body, perfect would be choosing a smooth garment in the bottom or vice versa.remember, the combination of many patterns may look exaggerated even striking, so be careful with that.

Please note, that striped patterns stand out and can stylize the figure much, but that is as long as they are used correctly. For this reason, the use of horizontal and vertical stripes will depend on the morphological of your body. Because horizontal stripes make look much more voluminous it is who, so they are excellent for thin women who want to look more plump.

It is very important to have into account vertical stripes to stylize and lengthen your body, although it the more wide and separated be the stripes of your garments, you can get the opposite effect.

If you wish to look more stylish and thin visually, choose vertical stripes, they create the illusion that you’re high. So you could say that they are excellent for women of stature.

If you want to hide a large bust, you can use vertical or diagonal stripes, this way you can look a more stylized torso.

Garments with black and white stripes are a classic that never became fashionable. But, rare colors combinations you choose, be very careful of making a mistake in the combination. Always remember that less is more according to

Striped pants:

If you’re a daring girl and you sign up for this fashion trend, a great option is to opt for striped pants. Usually these pants often wear stripes vertically, if you’re chubby be very careful because this type of stripes add bulk. Remember that if you choose to wear pants of this type, how perfect is that these are the main protagonists.

Striped shorts

Shorts are a garment basic in every woman’s closet, so you opt for a short with stripe patterns, thus giving instant a great change in your look. And don’t forget to choose the stripes in the direction you are favouring more.

Striped dresses

This type of pattern are excellent in dresses either long or short, whether for a look of work, for a beach look, or for a more informal look, you only find that dress that suits your style.

Striped skirts

The stripes can also find them in garments such as short skirts or long skirts, most importantly, keep in mind that the horizontal stripes are super well to any woman.

Blouses or tops of stripes

If you love the blouses or tops with patterns of stripes and you’re a chubby woman you should avoid carrying the wide stripes, preferably choose fine or thin stripes.