How to Wash Nike Leather Or Suede

Nike designed and successfully sold many types of sneakers and sport shoes. Nike shoes are a good diversification of sportswear and correct care is very important. The care instructions for the different kinds of Nike shoes vary according to the materials with which they are built. Wash Nike must be always with precautions, because an incorrect cleaning can damage them.

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The Nike should be washed immediately if dirty with dirt or mud, so that the Earth or mud the damage.

Add a tablespoon of detergent to two cups of cold water. Mix the SOAP in the water until it is completely dissolved. Soak a cloth in water and drain the excess fluid

Clean your shoes. Remove dirt and mud from shoes. Allow the shoes to dry completely before use.

To dry them, put the shoes in an area that is not exposed to heat or sunlight.

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  • before washing the Nike, please note the material that your shoes are made. Check through the tags that are inside of the shoes.
  • never place the Nike in a washing machine or dryer. These appliances can damage or destroy your shoes.