How to Wear a Dress with Transparency?

Discover How to Use Dress with Transparency through Tips and Famous Models.

How to Wear a Dress with Transparency

The transparent dresses have become a fever in Brazil and also in most countries, mainly in party dresses. But don’t think that it’s easy to wear a dress with transparent details, because many times the line enters the sensuality and vulgarity is tenuous.
Today’s post will give you tips on how to wear a dress with transparency and analyze some looks of the famous, beginning with Isabella Fiorentino. The dress below, Isabella Fiorentino opted for boldness of transparent tissue, but with a sober color.
The gray dress of Isabella Fiorentino would be a typical party dress strapless, if not possessed the transparencies in almost all the skirt. As the event was of red carpet, the nerve was released. However, in common parties, like graduations and weddings, the transparent tissue must be used in order to enhance your body, without showing too much.

Tips on How to Wear a Dress with Transparency.

If you opt for transparent party dresses, should keep in mind that the first thing to be noticed on the look is the exposure the skin gains. But there are many ways to expose the skin, the best of them is through fashionable dresses. Check out some TIPS for completing the look with transparent dresses.

  • Transparencies bring sensuality to look, so, be careful not to overdo it;
  • Whether fabric transparent area is the area you want to show;
  • Prefer transparencies in very deep necklines, to give good support to the breasts;
  • If transparencies are very daring, invest in accessories and discreet makeup, so your look will be harmonious.

Now it’s time to check out some looks of the famous and analyzes them.

Dress Options with Transparency

  • #1 Dress with Transparency

This transparent dress of Fernanda Lima is a simple dress for Parties at night, why has few sparkles. Its highlight is the “income” that covers, but it shows that the dress is a tube well glued to the body, what does draw attention to the legs of the presenter. The volume in the skirt is ideal for women with narrow hips with Fernanda Lima.
In the case of using a transparent dress, it is important to keep in mind that transparency brings sensuality to the look. Thus, in formal occasions, transparency should be used with care.

  • #2 Dress with Transparency

Note that this party dress has flashy details, but overall it is a harmonic dress.This is due to the fact that you have enough fabric, which balances the transparencies, as well as, the neckline closed is harmonised by the broad lap neckline in the back.

  • #3 Dress with Transparency

As the major highlight of the dress are the trans parencies as well, sensuality is a striking feature of the look. Note that the legs, belly and the neck are the shows, which shows that this dress is ideal for events such as graduations and gala evenings. In addition, other details are relevant, as the sparkles and lace.

  • #4 Dress with Transparency

In this case, the transparencies make the dress more interesting than sexy.Thus, this dress is ideal for various social events, but also ballads.Elaborate accessories can highlight even more the transparencies.