How to Wear Blue Pants

The colored pants are a trend that is gradually gaining ground in the market and in the women’s wardrobe. The blue in all its shades has stood out among the other colors, but to use this color properly we must look at a few details:

  • The shade of blue that will be used;
  • The type of pants (fabric);
  • And especially the quality of the pants fabric.

Blue is present in all kinds of pants, especially among blue jeans which have traditional straight cut and is extremely democratic because it is good for all kinds of women and all ages.

However, there is a type of pants that we should be very aware at the time of its use: the legging pants. Depending on the hue and fabric you choose, you can take any production to failure, for example tight legging trousers and the color is little metallic blue, one has to be with the body well in order to use this type of pants and color.

However, for those working in formal environments that require more discretion and credibility, a good option to use the blue pants is tailored pants with straight cut and discreet shades of blue not flashy, the royal blue is a great choice, since that tone with a fine tracking at the top, gives the women an air of sophistication and class.

For moments of relaxation, shade of blue is the cobalt blue, that blue tone in tailored trousers, combined with a nice shirt on top of black color is an excellent choice for a dinner the night. But if the option is for a fun ballad such blue may be chosen, provided that the upper part of the chosen shoes brings production and a more relaxed visual effect.

The blue Klein is the famous blue pen. This color has become very popular among women both in pants as in blazers and jackets. To use pants with this shade of blue is recommended that the top has light tones. Otherwise, the top will fight with the bottom.

When we choose the pieces to compose our visual image, the rule to be obeyed is that the colors of all production talk to each other, would never want a piece appear more than the other. Another tip, valid is ever put the entire production of one color, eg, blue pants, blue shirt, blue earrings, that’s corny, it’s been the time to put all the production of a single color. Always remember: the colors should talk to each other.

A shade of blue that causes a lot of controversy among women in time to match the color is electric blue. One day you will use a pair in that tone keep in mind that: white is a great choice to match the blue, after all white goes with everything, black, beige and mustard are also some color options to use to compose the visual image.

It may seem incredible that the prints can also be used in conjunction with the electric blue pants, since as previously mentioned colors talk to each other. Patterns of stripes or floral are set to match this pants tone. However, if the decision is to combine blue pants with a top of also vibrant color, green water and the lighter pink are the tips to raze production.

An item that has not yet been discussed, but it deserves our attention is the clear blue slacks, we already get tired of seeing the traditional pantsuits with blazer and light blue pants in companies around, this type of clothing should be used with maximum attention, since depending on the physical size of the person, this combination is not recommended because it can fatten person. To use this type of clothing the person should have a more athletic body, if the person is a bit chubby this kind of style can fatten you. Another item to be studied is the top, to use light blue jeans, the top must be sober (discrete), and otherwise it is too much information for people to assimilate.