How to Wear Leggings Appropriately

Leggings is a thing I had to eat my words for a number of several seasons ago. I said that the golden age has passed, but it turned out … Leggings are believe we’ve come here to stay – part of us delight and horror section.

At the moment, could almost say that the black leggings are a classic of our time. Sure, they are not little black or white collared shirt at the level of certainly never get, but I dare say that surprisingly many Finns woman bottom of the closet, they can be found. Either for everyday use, or a little bit there peremmällä. In addition to standard black leggings worth wardrobe at least colorful versions of the book, because they are really easy to spice up your look and play around with.

Try Boldly Unfamiliar Colors

Leggings are not located close to the face, that is, their effect on the skin color does not have to be afraid of. In this case, therefore, can not forget eg. The season of color and color theory by them. Feel free to rip, and then the black outfit to break even neon pink leggings. In the summer we often use bolder white cotton wholesale, but autumn and winter darkness and gloom of the mind need to brighten up the colors. In the summer often feel that all of the colors alien to oneself courageously dare to mix and match, or let go only. In autumn outfit changes frequently darker and muted; then the colors, therefore, still badly in need of. And then on the other hand leggings have access to the right applications: to give A strange with dresses and tunics, which can no longer be considered the bare Saarinen.

Also patterned leggings give the outfit an extra edge and life. You can try more classical patterns such as tiny step pattern or stripes. Or encouraged such terrain into shape or kitten face. Leggings are easy and often inexpensive way to spice up your usual black look.

Keep in mind, however, always worn with leggings too often young people forgettable fact; they are not pants, even though it sometimes seem. So as a Friend choose a dress, tunic or skirt – not just a shirt.