How to Wear Men’s Leather Jacket

Temperatures tend to drop and it’s time to get out your leather jacket, a must-have for winter and mid-season. Now discovering the secret fashion man leather jacket, this piece goes everywhere who will accompany you throughout the season. Going to any outfit, the man’s leather jacket is a timeless constantly brought up to date.

Each held his leather jacket

This garment keeps you warm in town, the office and everywhere else because it easily fits in an outfit, whatever the dress code. For a manly style biker genre, combine the black leather jacket with faded jeans or destroy and also boots in leather. For the top, a simple marcel would fit the bill perfectly.

A city look inspired by great designers inspires you most? Exit the total look and opt for a mix of genres. Wear a jacket fitted over a white shirt. For the low, wear a light-colored suit pants and whose bottom is lifted or rolled up. Add a touch sport at this casual chic style by wearing   lightweight sneakers . This outfit is comfortable and modern.

Fancy a sleek look? The leather jacket perfectly door instead of a tuxedo jacket, tie over a shirt and vest. Dark shades are most commonly used in this type of outfit but dare a few quirks with the reasons of the shirt and tie for the look remains dynamic.

Focus on perfecto: Leather jacket man trend of the moment

Manly and sexy since the days of Marlon Brando and James Dean, the perfecto is still among the great unavoidable this winter. Recognizable by his biker cut (asymmetric closure, zip pocket on the chest, neck cuff …) perfecto is certainly the best known and most common jackets and leather jackets. Virtually all brands specializing in leather and propose models differ in subtle details:

  • Reinforcement padding on the shoulders and in the blank
  • plaid lining (red plaid)
  • Ceinturette loop in the bottom of the jacket and straps on shoulders
  • Sleeves tightened cuffs
  • Fur collar

How to choose a leather jacket?

Choose a jacket whose shoulders are tight to keep it straight on you. Consider however the possibility of wearing a sweater underneath. So take a slight margin, although the jacket pulling the shoulders down is prohibited. Be aware that the leather has a tendency to relax over time. So even if the jacket is a little tight at first, it will expand slightly over time.

Second, forget the models with too much volume in the lower back because there is no better way to hurt your silhouette. Also avoid too short models that go to women but literally ruin the look of men. The jacket should always happen below the belt.

Whether one is a follower of a formal look, contemporary, dandy or class, the leather jacket is one of the key elements of the wardrobe of a man trend. The timeless models like perfecto are always in fashion, but we can also look to other well-masculine cuts to put our figure. And always better to wear the leather jacket, discover with this article the different types of leather to choose better.