How to Wear Men’s Shirt

While The Fashion Week men just to finish, one wonders how, in everyday life, have style by wearing a shirt. That’s a question that a good number of men had to arise at least once in his life! Elegance, it sounds simple, but don’t get me wrong. Everything is a question of adjustment, season, morphology…Worn casual or stricter way, there is a notion of expertise should not be overlooked. You are given the keys so that wearing a shirt with style has no secrets for you.

The shirt itself

If you think that all shirts are equal, you’re wrong. There are two very distinct cuts that he must learn to differentiate. The first is the so-called “basic”. The cut is straight and very simple. She finally requires no specific advice for the best, but does not really bring style to a look. It tends to quickly weary those who observe it as much as those who wear! You will neither good nor bad, it is just uninteresting in a style research approach. Change RADIUS, so it was better to offer you a little further…

The second, called fit (“cut”), is very present in the wardrobes of men for a few years now. To look in the wind, and now very stylized, we opt for this cut close to the body which aims first to refine the size and extend the bust. We don’t go headlong on the first shirt was found, because it is important to respect an essential point: the size. Still a no-brainer? Not really. It is important to choose near the body but if you are prone to a little bit overweight, take it one size above your usual size, so that it doesn’t show you so much and to do the opposite of the desired effect. The casual shirt is also available in slim fit, for a still more fitted shape. This last can be truly rewarding, but as its big sister, it is better to have a physics a bit slender to afford this kind of cut very close to the body.

The details of the shirt

At formal events type weddings, meetings at the Summit or stuffy cocktails, you will promote a rigid collar shirt, that will bring you a certain carriage under a good suit cut for the occasion. It is also during these occasions more dressed it will focus on the buttons Pearly for a touch of distinction is well appreciated. The shirts more casual, a col more loose will be welcome, or even expected!

Regarding the sleeves as soon as you want to dress up a little without overdoing it does not hesitate to out of beautiful buttons of headlines, which will allow us to be elegant all day, even if it is decided to drop the jacket during the first days of spring. As for the length of the sleeves, it’s truly important: they must stop between the hand and the carp (the set of bones that form the joint of the wrist). Too short, they will serve your silhouette; too long… You see dopey in “snow white and the seven dwarfs”?This is.

For what is the row of buttons, we can only advise you to never button the last button, unless you then put on a tie, or while you have opted for a total hipster look, in which case you were right. Open one button seems to be the norm for a look that is chic and casual at the same time to promote to the maximum so. If you want to open a second button, can only advise you to do it in a private circle, avoid at office, for example, and to be avoided if your hair is too large. Finally, you can totally leave your shirt open over a plain t-shirt (and tight especially, to avoid the effect of the bibendum).

Finally, with respect to the length, it must stop at the height of the basin. Too long, you risk giving a “Sleepover” image, and too short, you will be tempted to ask you why you thing your little nephew.Now, all you have to find the most beautiful watch to accompany your outfit, and you’re ready!