How to Wear Skirts Everyday

When we think of skirt, maybe we can find that it would not be good to use because it’s a retro item. But the retro is back in fashion, and now we have no more excuses for not wanting to use!

The skirts were famous in the 50s, when they were very bulky and marked the waist. Oh, the skirt … I let the women super feminine and romantic, it was a love!


You can make many combinations with skirts. It is a very versatile piece that can be used both day and night, on a more basic and casual look or a more chic production night.

It can be used with regattas, shirts, t-shirts, cropped tops, among other combinations. And these combinations and versatility extend the feet too! Can you wear with sneakers, oxfords shoes, pumps and heels.

It is a kind of skirt that values ​​who is straight and without many curves, because it creates a design on the waist and hips valuing these parts. This does not mean that those who have curves or more chubby body cannot use.

An important caution. It is essential to avoid bulky sweaters not to create hype.

Accessories help a lot!

The skirt that can be used in various situations has an advantage that is able to use it to make various combinations thanks to the accessories that make up the look. For example, the skirt can be used with fine or thicker belts. They are great for helping mark the waist even more. Bags add value to production and necklaces can highlight if the blouse is simpler.

For many looks

A choice of skirt that can be used for different looks is the black full skirt. For more casual looks it can be combined with t-shirts, tank tops, jeans, vest and flat sandals. For tidier looks, it can be used with shirts, lace, sandals, pumps and peep toe.


“For the skirt become more classic, it is ideal to bet on a blazer and a social blouse underneath. Another option is a shirt and a jacket, this style leaves women more jovial. To be tidier, the women should use this style of skirt just above the knee, should put this piece well above the look not too behaved in some cases, can lead to style to be vulgar. ”


Midi is a length which is four fingers below the knee. It can be used with the full skirt, but be careful with detail, it shortens the silhouette.


The place where you can find a good variety of skirt models is the internet. On the internet you can find pieces of various colors and especially the most sought: stamped or floral and very bright colors and highlighted as red, yellow and orange. On the internet you can also find different models, such as hippies, gypsies or more traditional.