I Also Want A Bra Sexy

A couple of weeks ago I said the theme of the new breasts, latex or fiber, but clear… to where I put them in my clips? As the solution is pretty easy, but damn, we must renew the wardrobe because anything you have with ring serves.

I at first thought that you putting the prosthesis between my chest and the fabric was worth, but it will be that not. It does need to have a space to put the filling and the truth, it is difficult to find them and the price is not very affordable… Although what is worse everyone seemed horrible to me!

Why do we have to give up to be beautiful and sexy? It is clear that this is something very personal and that does not always have to be linked to a piece of clothing, but what certainly fits that everything helps. If you are looking for on the Internet there are a lot of variety of models but they were not at all my style, as always I think will focused on another type of woman that I am not. Do not understand how these brands can be thought to the type of woman that are directed ranging to buy product online and try it. Seriously do you think that we are identified with these healthy models and her breasts in order?

Woman Secret has a post operation that… well… This goes on taste but for being a brand aimed at people “young” enough leaves to be desired, sincerely, although it admittedly you attempt, since they also have a bikini that is very well. Neither Oysho and Intimissimi, brands that used to buy, are models of this style. Why? What world do they live?

Which if understood it are those of Marks and Spencer, which have their own and varied line of underwear for after mastectomy. Variety not only models but also clothes. In addition, accompanied it by a campaign with hastag #showyourstrap, so the women hung a photograph showing her bra straps and sending a message to donate money to the Association Breast Cancer Now and promoted it with the model Rosie Huntington Whiteley, who designed some of the models.

There are several models depending on what stage you are in breast cancer.

  1. bra post operation.This bought it in orthopaedicsVital Sport in Benidorm, is mark Amoena and cost me around 40 euros. It is especially indicated for when sales operating room and get fiber prostheses. It is cotton and what is most important is closed before. Not ever buy you a bra out of the hospital with zipper back because oh! surprise! you will not be able to buckle up what you alone, at least at the beginning. You can make that movement with time…
  2. bra every day.Is also ofAmoena and I got it at Vital Sport when I bought the prosthesis, is a detail on this Orthopedics in which always treat us great. This model is very comfortable, has the wide strap and compartment for prostheses is perfect. It is more “normal” I found.
  3. bra back to being young and pretty.It is not exactly this model (mine was more garish Fuchsia) but do you an idea.One day my mother came with this set of Woman Secret (17€) and almost cried with joy. If you are looking for well there are models without rings carrying a small filling can be removed for washing. Then there is the issue kit. We take that fill and got him fiber prostheses. I have the luck of having low chest, so we get a bit of fiber and… voila!
  4. sports bra.I got this from PinckardDress. I think that it is not the exact model because it has quite some time. They found it by chance because usually these models do not carry double compartment for filling. It is ideal for any stage since both of them are given that you can get it through your head.

What do you think? Do you know any other brand that sell good, nice and cheap?