I Have Nothing to Wear, a Jersey That Is a Declaration of Intentions

How many times have we exclaimed that phrase in front of our closet? Many times, even our wardrobe is to burst. So as Fashionista frustrated and misunderstood (our mother or our boyfriend look like crazy when we let the little: I have nothing to wear), I love the shirts, t-shirts or sweatshirts as you proclaim that phrase as the motto of your life.

We can find the black shirt of the cover in the English shop In the style by 18.99 pounds.

If you want to still cheaper sweatshirt, you can find it also in black and short in the shop Boohoo for 16 euros.

But if we want to be even more chic, we can say the phrase in French. This striped shirt of Even & Odd you have it in Zalando 24,95 euros.

Photos | In the style

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