If Chino Fashion

After last season the heyday chinosen has once again been overlooked by the jeans. Salty Cape Cod-romance has turned into rough look workwear style where style is measured in ounces and jeanstygets thickness. But the prevailing hysteria denim spite – which garments are chinosen inevitable.

The combination of style and convenience make it easy to argue chinosen. The difficulty lies rather in finding a model with a well-fitting fit. Even though this is a pants type that advantageously is carried in a slightly looser average feeling may not be straight-gubbig. A flat front model with something sewn leg and Foot width is a good starting point to suit any occasion and styles. From the well-dressed odd to the casual blazer accented with t-shirt and sneakers.

Color wise keeps earthy colors like khaki and navy blue always style. For those who want to invest in some more color recommended a washed fabric in slightly dimmed color shade to avoid the synthetic feeling.