If Kavajers Closure

Kavajers length is a perennial topic for discussion. A somewhat forgotten, but equally important detail, is the placement of the buttons.

Now it is difficult to answer in general what is the appropriate placement of the buttons, but it is mainly due to cut of his jacket and the wearer’s body shape. It is frequently argued that middle button treknäppt and top tväknäppt will sit at waist level. I would rather say that it is usually most flattering is if it sits just above. For even if you want to create a defined waist so risk a too low positioned snaps rather to accentuate the hip, which is rarely very flattering.

But it is also a question of his jacket length. A short-cut blazer worn with advantage in slightly higher buttoned to give a more balanced impression and vice versa. Likewise, a good tip for slightly shorter people to choose a jacket with higher closure to avoid the shuffling look jackets with low buttoning often pulled along. Purely in terms of style, the high buttoning a more straightforward and authoritative filled impression.

Now it must be said that this is not about some great distance, but as so often with men’s fashions, it is the small details that actually make a difference. Note the difference in the two following examples. Both of Belvest.