If Mad Men Fashion

There is probably not a single fashion magazine or fashion blog that is not dropped Mad Men influences. The razor-sharp suits, marked glasses and perfectly folded handkerchief cars have been spotted all over. The whole thing has gone so far that advertising agencies have introduced the immensely popular television series as dress code. But there really is something in the style that is worth picking up?

Right now fashion brands seem to have abandoned the scrawny costume style that Hedi Slimane and Dior Homme was pioneered in the early 00’s Mad Men came up and people started again hankering for suits with narrow stroke and minimal color scales. But if Hedi Slimane represented a costume ideal for anorectic rock stars Mad Men is rather an aggressive business look. Välstruket, adult and total dissolved flair.

The style simplicity and authority can undoubtedly be tempting, but before you run off and buy Brooks Brothers suit Mad Men Limited Edition is well worth asking the question if you will be as good as the original? For it is perfectly possible to pick up the show elements of style rather than steal outright. Please test the sober color range, for example, the gray flannel suit, white shirt, black tie and white handkerchief, but in a not-so-hard haul average. Likewise, the accessories as they marked the frames and the slim leather portfolio to be well worth a closer look at.