If This is Your First Smartphone

Welcome to the world of smartphones. You will be impressed by all the ways you organize and keep in touch with important people and things. Check out these tips to get you started on the right foot.

Charge it daily

Your phone is like a small computer, providing numerous applications and information. Depending on what you use, this can consume a lot of energy. Plan to charge your phone every night so it’s ready for the next day.

Protect your phone

When we have the cell phone, accidents can happen; Sometimes we lose it. Set up security and avoid worry when away from your phone.

Set up a screen lock. This is your first line of defense to protect your confidential information. Do you prefer numbers, designs or words? Set a password, drawing, or PIN that will be used to unlock your phone.

The lock screen does not prevent you from answering a call immediately or accessing your camera. You can even set up blocking screen widgets to have limited views of your information, maintaining full access to all applications, and protecting information.

View your owner information. On the lock screen, you can discreetly display a “please return” message with some of your contact information so that if the phone is lost someone can return it to you.

Enable lost phone functions. For peace of mind, now set the ID of your Motorola device. If your phone is connected and with data or Wi-Fi connection, you can access www.motorola.com/support on a desktop and:

  • Locate your phone, block it with a new code and erase the data from it;
  • Press the phone’s maximum volume ring for three minutes until you find it; and
  • Insert a special message that will be displayed on the phone if it is found.

Get apps

Your smartphone comes with a number of useful and fun apps, and you can enjoy it to the full with apps that match your lifestyle. Access the Play Store to explore free, paid apps that ensure increased productivity, organization, knowledge, connectivity, and entertainment. Play Store also offers music, movies, TV shows and books.

Personalize and get to know your phone

Changing the wallpaper will be your first customization, but do not stop there. Do not forget to explore the Setup menu to set ringtones, font sizes, data usage preferences, keyboard preferences, and more. It is a great way to get to know many of the features of the phone as you customize it according to your needs.

In most applications, you can tap or in To see application-specific settings. See also which options are available to you.

Manage mobile data

Understand the use of your data. Monitor the use of your data and learn how to make the most of it. See which applications use large volumes of data and adjust their settings as desired. Set an alert and usage limit so you do not exceed it. You can stop auto-sync by connecting mobile data in the quick settings by turning off the data connection.

Use Wi-Fi to keep your mobile data. When you connect to a Wi-Fi network, your data will be automatically synchronized over your data connection instead of the mobile data connection, saving mobile data for when you need it. In the quick settings, enable the Wi-Fi connection.

Useful information

Tell your phone what to do. Use your phone without using your hands with voice commands. Ask him to instruct you and listen to you say the directions while you drive: it will even change direction if you are going in the wrong direction. Ask him to set alarms, find information on the Web, or make calls. Say instead of entering texts. And do not forget to use the Assist features of the Driving application, which includes reading with voice for incoming calls and text messages and text message responses by voice.

Never miss a photo. Open the camera automatically in the lock screen. Touch And drag to the left. You can use apps that offer automatic backups of your captures, such as Google+ and other photo sharing apps available in the Play Store.

Store your things. As your new phone has a large internal storage capacity, you can store items directly in it instead of an SD card. You can open items stored in associated applications, such as Gallery, to view your videos and photos. It is easy to move items stored in your phone to a computer using the USB cable that came with your phone.

To get even more storage space and access files and media using any device connected to the Internet (phone, computer, tablet, etc.), your new phone offers access to the cloud storage. Your Google account even provides free cloud storage in Google Drive, which has its own application and is also available in menu applications Through other applications.

When you know you have a weak connection or you’re out of a connection, many applications allow you to access cloud items by temporarily storing them on your phone. You can interrupt access when you are finished to keep the phone memory free.

Wi-Fi Router. You can share your phone’s data connection as a Wi-Fi router or pair your phone with a computer to access the Internet. If you have other devices that need an Internet connection (for example, laptop, tablet, or other phone), you can use your phone as a Wi-Fi router.

Restore the phone. In rare cases, such as locking, interrupting or white/black screen of the phone, or if it does not respond to the power button, you can use a forced reset. Press and hold the power button for 7 to 10 seconds. The phone will reboot and reboot normally.

Certain features, services, and applications are network dependent or carrier dependent and may not be available in all areas.